Friday, October 14, 2011

VENICE – ITALY– Is Beautiful

So, we have found that all the stories are not true.

Venice is not smelly, or hot, or too crowded.

We haven’t seen dead cats in the canals.(Yet).


Its beautiful.

The weather is lovely, bright blue skies, but the season has turned cold and we are rugged up today.

We went on a boat up to St Marks square.

Guess what? The Bridge of Sighs is covered in scaffold! Typical.

They are getting ready for winter here and putting in timber walkways.

The water rises so high that the piazzas are covered so they need the walkways to commute.

Everything happens by boat, the deliveries, the ambulance, the buses are boats.


We watched a demonstration of glass blowing and I bought some Murano glass jewellery.

There are some nice pieces – it is VERY tempting.


This afternoon we took an optional cruise out to the island of Burano.

This is is a fishing villi age with lots of different coloured houses.

We had a lovely lunch of the local seafood.


Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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