Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered – Finally Finished!!


Here is the second part and final of my kaleidoscope quilt project.

Bewitched Quilt Label 001

Above is the label. I love the font I found which of course is called Bewitched!

The larger version of this quilt went to my sister for a pressie last Christmas and this is the smaller version, FOR ME!!

The top has actually been finished and quilted for a few months , but I have been too busy to find time to do the binding.


And then there has been so much rain it’s been hard to get a dry day to take a photo.


We are still trying to sell the house, a lot of interest but not enough sensible offers.

Hopefully once the weather warms up we’ll have more luck.

scan of post it 001


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Australia's Longest Bridge

Recently we went on a weekend trip with the car club to the Port Macquarie swap meet.


I took lots of great photos and here are the best!

An early start from Armidale. Again this year we were reluctant to take the Lotus due to the weather forecast and therefore gave the ‘Classis Laser’ a run.

First stop was Dorrigo for morning tea and a look at their engine graveyard and the Dorrigo Falls.






Next stop was lunch at Fredo Pies at Frederickton….





Then a drive down the newly opened section of the Pacific Highway.

This is Australia's longest bridge built to go over the floodplains in this area

We backtracked so we could take some photos underneath.

From the Macleay Argus:- THE Kempsey Bypass project is the first stage of the approved 40km Kempsey to Eungai Pacific Hwy upgrade.

The $618 million project was fully funded by the Australian government.

The bypass is 14.5km long and includes Australia’s longest road bridge, which spans the floodplain at Frogmore and the Macleay River at Frederickton.







Then off to our motels at Port Macquarie..


That evening dinner at the Panthers Club.



The next day we took a drive around Wauchope and surrounds.

Car and sheds for the boys and bonsai for the girls.


On the final day and the day of the Swap Meet the weather turned and it poured rain.

Same as it did last year.


But I did come home with a little collection of Royal Albert China, bargained for on various stalls! $28 for that lot – Bargain!


We made a dash for the car, trying not to break my little purchases – we got soaked anyway and had to later change clothes at McDonalds.

BUT,, When we got back to the Laser there was police tape tied to the side mirror and a very young police officer saying..

“Aww, your not going to remove my tape holder?”

The power lines had come down in the storm and just missed the car by inches, or it was that close they may have hit it but there was no damage that we could see. I would have loved to taken a pic but it was teaming rain.


scan of post it 001

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Sean!


Now he’s 29!


We celebrated with a family decoy dinner,


then the next night was a Mexican themed surprise party!

scan of post it 001