Sunday, December 7, 2014

Have a Mentally Healthy Christmas


Well …. its that's time of year, yet again!


And here is my office,,  all ready with its Christmas decorations.

(My new upward career path probably explains my lack in blog posts and finished quilts)!


We had our Christmas party at The Grand Hotel,

which is the ‘hospital pub’ of the moment.


(Mindy & Angus sure know how to pose for a photo)!


Above is our AO, Naomi & her hubby Dan. (She's about to study Social Work,, Its great that we inspire so many)!


This year we have done a string Christmas tree at the Clark Centre, (thanks to Mary-Anne) and we are getting lots of compliments on it.

The clients (and staff) are putting Christmas Greetings or wishes on it.


Mental Health s a difficult area to work, and it has a lot to do with the social stigma.

I believe that everyone has two types of heath,,,,, physical  and mental. 

I know that everyone, at some point in their lives,  will be touched by mental illness…either themselves .. or someone in their family will have, depression, suicidal ideation or self harm thoughts..

My Christmas Wish would be for more understanding and support from the greater community – Its better than it once was but it has a long way to go.

Kim’s top tips for a Mentally Healthy Christmas!

  1. Don't spend more money than you have – write a budget.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan – write lists. Write a Christmas day plan if your cooking for lots
  3. Be realistic - Don’t expect too much of yourself (or others) and if things go wrong its ‘part of the charm’ and may make great family stories for years to come – (e.g. “Remember the year the turkey caught fire” Or “What about the year Grandma got drunk on the punch”)!!!
  4. Delegate where possible – even if its just cleaning the bathroom
  5. If someone picks an argument – take a deep breath, count to ten, and save any comeback for another day. You don’t need to be dragged down to their level in front of an audience.
  6. For many Christmas is a time of strong feelings of loss and grief, missing loved ones or family. Don’t be afraid to feel sad, because it is a normal healthy feeling.
  7. Buy yourself a gift – you deserve it ! Even if its something small. ( I always add this to the Christmas budget – snigger )
  8. If you feel very sad or stressed, then you should tell someone. Go to your GP, most I know won’t treat you like a fool (and if you feel they do, its time to change your GP). They can help you find ways to help yourself.

Let me know if there is anything else I should add for next year!


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