Friday, March 17, 2017

A day in the rain… again!

Hello Dear Readers.
You would think at our age that Graham and I would have learn't our lesson about a Day on the Green. However I still paid out all this money so we could get soaked through, and sit in chilly wet undies for hours.
(speak for yourself,replies Graham, my pants remained dry throughout)


But we have, I admit, learned the value of taking lots of bin liners to protect our picnic and backpacks!


Was it worth it!
Headline act was Jimmy Barnes!
Supported by Joe Camilleri (below).

(The cultural experience of a trip to the porta loos.. which I think I also spoke about the last time we did a day on the green).
Other supporting acts were, Diesel, again in the rain.
And The Angels- “Am I ever gonna see your face again, no way, too much rain,,, DRY OFF…”
(thank you for the applause, Dear Readers)

I took this photo above with my phone. Me thinks very atmospheric, although a bit damp.
And then the highlight was Jimmy. This is my best photo below…


But most of my pics  looked like this one below….


Jimmy, was good, but not great, voice not quite as powerful as it was, but then maybe I had swimmers ear.
scan of post it 001