Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas–At Home



Merry Christmas everyone!

2016 Christmas Day was spent

at Paul & Mel’s with Grahams family.

Tom and Merel are here from Brussels. (and I finally got to give them the quilt that I have been making for years – post to follow)!


Mel went to lots of effort, with lots and lots of food!


We had the boxing Day ‘Cheese Board’ at our place. Georgie got to dress up in her Christmas collar!

And, Lizzy decided she loves kids…….


…and food!


I’ve run out of space for the Christmas village, its totally out of control!

This year I’ve added, a tearoom, some clowns to the carnival, and a group of dogs dressed in Christmas costumes…. Smile who’s going to dispose of this junk when I’m gone?




Apart from the village additions, I controlled the rest of my urges and bought no further Christmas decorations this year! The house is FULL.

I don’t think the decorations will come out next year as we are planning to spend Christmas in London… But our planning is in the early days, might not come off yet!



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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Its Christmas–With Kim’s Work!



More Christmas cheer this year!

I’ve made reindeer noses for the staff and our  friends.

Well I didn’t really make them,,, but assembled them..  I spent an awful lot of time printing labels out and putting it all together.. not to mention the tweezers and the glue to stick the sequin on Rudolph's nose….


Also, again, not to mention that you can’t buy proper Jaffas anymore! What's that about.

After driving all round town, I used a Darell Lea peanut cluster for the red nose,  which was yummy!

Everyone loved them. Very successful.


We entered the hospital Christmas decorations competition.

We didn’t stand a hope! Some of the wards and units where fantastic.

Pharmacy and radiology had brilliant decorations (X ray deer). I hear kids ward was amazing and I went into a corridor in the community health building that was like Santa's grotto!


We had a blow up reindeer, kindly donated by Bunnings. Its was made up to look like it had been hit by a truck….

The new tree was unfortunately covered with specimen jars –  not my idea….


Nothing to do with me..

Do you really think I have any control! Ha Ha.



Our Christmas party was at the Grand Hotel, which is sort of our local….

We are closed now until January 3rd. It was chaos on the last day. We are redecorating our nurses station. We had to move all the computer terminals and paperwork. We also had to discharge and transfer our last patients out!

Whew – now to get my Christmas shopping done.


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Monday, December 19, 2016

Its Christmas ! - with the car club


Car Club Christmas

Above is Graham and I looking very festive!

This year the ‘Classic and Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW’ Christmas party was upstairs at the bowling club.

Graham did his usual duty as president and presented the awards.

Car Club Christmas 3

We also played games….

Below is Gary and I knocking down bottles of water with an orange that was hanging in the leg of a pantyhose that was tied around the waist… We also did the making a snowman by wrapping a victim in toilet paper game… our team were hopeless at everything!

Car Club Christmas 2


Then the next week it was the Christmas BBQ at Dumaresq Dam.

Santa visited all the kids, and some of the big kids too.


“Please Santa can I have a new/second hand Ford Focus for Christmas?”

“Ho Ho Ho, have you been a good boy Graham”?


Big crowd this year.

It was bizarrely freezing after all the warm weather, lots of people had to resort to wearing their car rugs to keep warm!


Here’s the club BBQ again, its all self contained in a trailer, easy to move about.

More Christmas stories yet to come!!!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Quilt - ‘Millions of Minions’ !


A cot quilt for two of my work ‘Minions’, who got together and produced a tiny baby girl.


Willo was born 6 weeks early and before we could even hold the baby shower. I finished the binding on the quilt the day she was born which was cutting it fine….


I’ve even got minion wrap and a card to match!


As usual, my own design and quilted by Art n Quilting studio. 


I’ve got another quilt to hurry up and finish before Christmas so I need to get a wiggle on with that!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Mystery Run 2016 – Day Two


IMG_20161127_day 2


Much cooler today, and what a beautiful day it is!


Our first stop was Black Head, which is north of Tuncurry off the lakes way. Very pretty spot.


We had morning tea at Tuncurry. Then drove around to visit some of the beaches.


No Whales.

But isn’t the sea a magnificent colour.


Then lunch at Smiths Lake.


We spent Christmas here in 2009. One of my very first blog posts!


The house is still there and looks the same.

(Which is more than I can say for US in the 2009 Christmas Day pic below. My boys have lost lots of weight since this photo, and broken up with both those partners. And Seth dog is long dead)

anyway – back to the Mystery Run….

The afternoon was spent with some free time.

There are 19 cars and 37 people on the trip this time. We ended up at the pub instead of the club tonight as they were happier to provide a courtesy bus.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mystery Run 2016–Day One


Its time for the Car Club Mystery Run for 2016.


As in previous years we only find out on the first day in which direction we are heading. Although we did have an inkling that this year we wouldn't be going too far, and that we were only going to stay in 2 places.

At least that saves with the packing up every day!

IMG_20161127_Day 1

So the news on the first day is that we are heading to Taree.

Turning at Nowendoc and heading down the 90km of dirt road to Wingham.


Not been this way before.

What I always like about this trip is that we go places we normally wouldn’t be bothered with!


Its very dusty, and its jolly hot too.

33 degrees, and the only air con we have is to wind down the windows.


Everything in the boot was caked with dust.

The boys will be all out washing their vehicles this afternoon.

I think I had mild heat stroke by the time we got to Taree, not helped by the hay fever tablets giving me a raging thirst.

IMG_20161127_Taree 1IMG_20161127_Taree 2 

Anyway, lots of water an a cool shower and I was okay.

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