Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Its Christmas–With Kim’s Work!



More Christmas cheer this year!

I’ve made reindeer noses for the staff and our  friends.

Well I didn’t really make them,,, but assembled them..  I spent an awful lot of time printing labels out and putting it all together.. not to mention the tweezers and the glue to stick the sequin on Rudolph's nose….


Also, again, not to mention that you can’t buy proper Jaffas anymore! What's that about.

After driving all round town, I used a Darell Lea peanut cluster for the red nose,  which was yummy!

Everyone loved them. Very successful.


We entered the hospital Christmas decorations competition.

We didn’t stand a hope! Some of the wards and units where fantastic.

Pharmacy and radiology had brilliant decorations (X ray deer). I hear kids ward was amazing and I went into a corridor in the community health building that was like Santa's grotto!


We had a blow up reindeer, kindly donated by Bunnings. Its was made up to look like it had been hit by a truck….

The new tree was unfortunately covered with specimen jars –  not my idea….


Nothing to do with me..

Do you really think I have any control! Ha Ha.



Our Christmas party was at the Grand Hotel, which is sort of our local….

We are closed now until January 3rd. It was chaos on the last day. We are redecorating our nurses station. We had to move all the computer terminals and paperwork. We also had to discharge and transfer our last patients out!

Whew – now to get my Christmas shopping done.


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