Monday, January 6, 2014

READHEADS–Big quilt finished!

I have finished the big quilt of the  ‘Redheads’ project…..
You may remember that this is the quilt made of the vintage Kimono fabric..

redheads 001 

.. I gave it to Sean & Emmy for Christmas 2013.
(that's Georgie Girl sniffing around and helping with the photo)
Its named ‘Redheads’ as the gold 
and red blocks look like matches…

Here is a scan of the label.

Georgie loved the quilt while I was binding it.. very snuggly..
(and the yucky sofas will be recovered for the new house)
The quilt has a lot of Japanese rabbits..
I’m hoping it will promote fertility.. ((whoops))!!

I’m now sorry, that I didn’t make it bigger, as they put it on their bed!!!
One row bigger each way would have been easy, as I still have a lot of leftover blocks
that were originally destined for a smaller quilt…
But, now I think they may become a table runner
IMG_3556However, the pieces are all in a cupboard  - and awaiting the NEXT house move!
scan of post it 001

Saturday, January 4, 2014

HappY NeW yEAr–2014

Hi everyone! AnD WE wish YOU a HAppY 2014!!


AS  USUAL….. our New Years Day was spent on the Car Club’s ‘Mystery’ New Years Day run.


MORE than half the vehicles got lost, and it all turned into a bit of a debacle!

The ‘Mystery’ was if we would ever all end up at the the same place at the same time!!

But we  met up AGAIN….  at the the Uralla swimming pool.. and bravely continued on…


          We ended up at the old Race Course on the out-skirts of Uralla.

It was, lovely and cool under the trees.


We had a nice picnic.

I made, Egg & Ham pie,,, with Ginger, Lime & Coconut slice.

And of course I made enough for 6+ people…….

(I’m sure..  that in a former life.. I was THE cook in a big English manor house)


scan of post it 001


Christmas Day 2013


Here are some of the photos that we took on Christmas Day.

Above is me, Andrew & Sean.


We had lunch with Sean & Emmy.

It was prawns, ham & salad.


We took the doggies so they could enjoy Christmas with their cousin dogs.




And of course,, Pavlova for dessert..






scan of post it 001