Monday, January 6, 2014

READHEADS–Big quilt finished!

I have finished the big quilt of the  ‘Redheads’ project…..
You may remember that this is the quilt made of the vintage Kimono fabric..

redheads 001 

.. I gave it to Sean & Emmy for Christmas 2013.
(that's Georgie Girl sniffing around and helping with the photo)
Its named ‘Redheads’ as the gold 
and red blocks look like matches…

Here is a scan of the label.

Georgie loved the quilt while I was binding it.. very snuggly..
(and the yucky sofas will be recovered for the new house)
The quilt has a lot of Japanese rabbits..
I’m hoping it will promote fertility.. ((whoops))!!

I’m now sorry, that I didn’t make it bigger, as they put it on their bed!!!
One row bigger each way would have been easy, as I still have a lot of leftover blocks
that were originally destined for a smaller quilt…
But, now I think they may become a table runner
IMG_3556However, the pieces are all in a cupboard  - and awaiting the NEXT house move!
scan of post it 001

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