Saturday, August 29, 2015

The things people do


Our latest adventure with the car club was to beautiful Dorrigo, which is about 90 minutes east of Armidale.

Our quest was to visit a model train set which is not generally open to the public.

But above is the view from the garden – wow.

And… below is the train in its purpose built shed.



This is a double storey train set, a train takes 45 minutes to complete the circuit.

This shed was enormous, the set is enormous and he must have invested a fortune in it. Not to mention the hours.


Goodness knows how his kids are going to dispose of it all when he goes!




He is trying to recreate industries, such as a paper mill with all its various stages.

But wait there's more!!! …. his wife also has a hobby………


Her hobby is a is a fairy garden.


So in the beautiful rainforest on the property she has carefully arranged thousands upon thousands of little creatures.

Garden gnomes, old ornaments, hundreds of old plastic toys and plastic dolls houses.

Now I admire the occasional garden gnome or bit or garden whimsy myself, but this  is a bit bizarre.


These pictures do not do justice to the obsessions that some people have!


She buys her things from op shops and has a $4 rule.

When she goes the kids will have to dig a big hole and bury the lot!

But thats a bit cruel as she loves her collecting and arranging the copious junk around her garden, so whatever turns you on!


A beautiful day though.


scan of post it 001

Friday, August 14, 2015

It got finished!



Finally after all our delays and dramas the kitchen is completely finished. With Graham installing the tin panel splash backs himself.



I’m very pleased with it and its a great cooks kitchen.


My big shiny Smeg oven, new curtains and my very pretty and cheap lamp shades.


And for anyone that scratched their head and wonder why I would dispose of a perfectly functional and only 4 year old kitchen please take note of the before and after shots below!




Next job is the 2nd garage and new deck project.

scan of post it 001