Monday, May 24, 2010

My quilt world - A kiss to build a dream on - progress report

Well its a little slow - as I keep starting new things!~ But I will get back to the appliqué soon.

I'm not rushing as even when its finished I will have to afford to have it quilted and I've been stretching my quilt budget recently!

Also, I needed more of the periwinkle fairy frost fabric and I can't get it... so I'll have to substitute another fabric which has made me lose a little enthusiasm!

But its looking good - most of the flowers are tacked on and waiting for their final stitching. I have a purple iris to make yet.

Until next time .... Kim

My quilt world - Ripe Strawberries!

AND, yet another quilt that I have started - this one I plan to give away at Christmas (but that's a secret and depends on if it turns out okay and that I have it finished in time) .Its only planned to be a medium size quilt, good for a table topper or a throw quilt for the lounge room.

Its baskets full of strawberries with a feature print of teapots and (guess what) strawberries. I've been able to use more of the red fabric left over from the house quilt.

I'm also planning a second version that I will keep - so I'm making extra basket blocks.

The name was inspired by the musical Oliver! The big scene where all the street sellers are shouting and selling their wares door to door.

Who will buy

will you buy my sweet red roses
two blooms for a penny
Ripe strawberries, ripe!
Ripe strawberries, ripe!
Oliver:Who will buy this wonderful morning
such a sky you never did see
who will tie it up in a ribbon
and put it in a box for me

and so on.... If you've forgotten this scene then its time you watched this musical again!!

Until next time.... Kim

My quilt world - who let the dogs out?

This is a quick quilt which I'm planning to give as a gift for a new baby. So.... its a chew and spew quilt.

Its all dog kennels, but they are all empty and the doggies are everywhere but in their houses! I designed the dog house block on EQ6.

I've used scraps, but I also bought some dog themed fat 1/4s on ebay.

Until next time..... Kim

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Quilt World - "Our House" - Finished

Finally, This quilt is complete .. And here is the traditional hanging on the clothesline photo! Its actually to large to photograph.

The labels are the pattern from EQ6, which I saved as a word document - then added text boxes to them. The large label has the words to "Our House" By Madness. The smaller one has the date and my signature (which I scanned and saved and now add to all my quilt labels). I then print out my labels onto a special printable fabric and then stitch them by hand onto the back.

Above are close ups of the blocks showing the variety of fabrics and the quilting by Kay.

I'll use it on the guest bed until the pinwheel quilt is finished.

Until next time....Kim

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In my life

Well, last week saw my return to work after 2 weeks leave - which was a bit of a shock!

However, my being back at work didn't last very long - I was sent home on sick leave after only a couple of days.

I twisted my knee last weekend. hurt like the blazes - but was slowly improving - until I returned to work. Now its braced and I have been to the doctors and need rest and nurofen. To add a little icing to the whole business I have also picked up a nasty chest cold. So I am downright miserable....The doggies, however, are very impressed. Temp has been -7 to 16 and they don't mind a bit of warm snuggling and hours spent watching Miss Marple DVDs during the day!

How did I hurt my knee, I hear you ask.

It wasn't anything exciting or athletic. I had spent some hours on my feet in the kitchen - making hamburger patties and a generous quantity of gooey chocolate cupcakes for the car club function that we were organising. When I went to rest the poor old bod following this task , I sat down and heard (and felt) my knee go 'pop'... and it was really rather painful.

Saturday May 8th was the Car Club craft and hobby night. Here are some photos of the night, with thanks to Bronywn for sharing her photos as my camera battery died. You will notice some of my quilts on display.

Above: These are mine.

Above: Lots of other quilts, not just mine!

Above: All the boys seem to love their car collections.
(I won't state the obvious)

Above are Bron's dolls with their blue ribbons!

The above are Arthur's model cars - he has actually
owned the big versions of all these cars at during his life!

Above: some lovely home made bears

Above: Graham's F1 Car collection

Above: Graham being a masterchef - I made enough food for twice as many people!!

Sunday May 9th was mothers day. Andrew took Graham and I out for a lovely brunch and then bought me a red hat! Sean and Emmy sent these lovely flowers.

I'll have to get a photo of me wearing the hat!

Until next time ....... Kim

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In my life - Introducing Alfie

Graham and I spent the past weekend in Sydney. The mission was to choose a new doggie family member and bring him home.Georgie had been rather sad and lost since Ruby didn't come back from the vets.

We thought about a new puppy but I didn't think we could stand the chaos. I also worry that some breeders make lots of money from designer cross breeds with very little thought towards the welfare of the dogs. My thoughts go out to Georgies poor little maltese mother, I wonder how many puppies she will be expected to produce in her life.... (I never got to meet Georgies parents - the breeder would not let us come to his kennels and the whole transaction took place in the Bathurst tourist information centre carpark! In fact he wouldn't even let me hold the puppy until he had the cash in his hand... He is still breeding, but for a dog like Georgie the price has gone up to over a $1000)

Even before Ruby had gone for her long sleep I started researching how to get a small adult dog. I found that there are lots of organisations that do great work re-homing dogs that have been surrendered or abandoned. It upset me that so many dogs are put to sleep as they can't find a home and there are too many people in this world who feel that pets are disposable.

I tried to find a little dog closer to home, but all the dogs here are big or working dogs. Then I found a wonderful website - Monikas Doggie Rescue - and Monika was really helpful in trying to match us with the right dog. Here is the link if you wish to have a look at it .........

We visited the rescue centre on Sunday morning, the place was very busy with lots of volunteers coming to walk the dogs. We were introduced to our 3 doggie "finalists". And then we had the difficult decision of which dog to take - Graham liked a dog called Albert straight away - I liked Fletch--- - but Graham was able to talk me around and he was right - Albert was the sensible choice.

We were going to call him Bertie, but then changed our mind as soon as we got him in the car. His foster Mum had been calling him Alby so we felt Alfie was very close in sound to that and he liked it!! Alfie is approximately 2 years old, weighs a little more than 5 kg and has lots of personality. He was apparently terribly neglected and rescued from the pound..

Alfie was absolutely a perfect angel on the 6 hour car trip home! When we did get him home he spent the first hour weeing on everything! Not accidents, but marking all the furniture with his scent........... Horror............. BUT, since yesterday morning (when he did a wee in Graham's shoe, bless him) he's been perfect. Even today when its cold, miserable and wet we haven't had any mishaps.

Georgie Girl was actually a little bit horrified about the whole business - this was a surprise to me as she has always luvvved being with her cousin dogs. So it just goes to show that Millie and Seth must be family and must be special.


But they are starting to bond and I'm sure they will become good pals after awhile. He's a delightful little fellow.

This is a photo from a few minutes ago - Alfie helping me to write this blog! In his new coat that I made him this afternoon... Don't know If we'll be able to find him in the backyard now he's in camouflage gear,,, ha ha.

Until next time...... Kim