Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Violet's 80th Birthday Garden Party


The family decided that in honour of Violets 80th birthday

we should do something special.


above- that's me eating Vi’s head at the back…


So we organised a lovely garden party at Paul and Mel’s place.

Well, actually I suggested they volunteer their place.

(“But, I’m not bossy” says Kim,  – just ask any of my work colleagues -

I can hear their laughter ringing in my ears as they pick themselves up off the ground…..)


The day went off incredibly, wonderfully well,

the weather was glorious, and the food and company good.

Vi's Menu

Above: This is a scanned menu (on very lovely 2 sided Christina Re paper)

YES, I have been watching My Kitchen Rules!

I cooked most of the food, with Mel doing the salads, a lovely punch and a potato bake..

and of course I seriously over catered!

(My mantra – “Better to have too much than too little”)


Setting the tables.


I had a flower and butterfly theme.


Each guest had a little gift and there was a pretty menu on each setting.

The gifts were Jumbo Caramelo Koalas which I wrapped up

with a little gift card that I made online from Vista Print.


Gail made the most spectacular and delicious cupcakes –

she should go into business producing these for weddings and events as they were wonderful.

Jessica also made some Apple and Berry crumbles which were scrummy.



Kayden supervised the event.



Above: Putting the marquee away at the end of the day.

Ever tried to put a sleeping bag away in its cover? This was like a giant sleeping bag!! ha ha.

Phew – Good fun doing the organising but hopefully no other big parties for awhile!


But I’ll forget and then it will be –

“I have an idea, why don’t we…..”



Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

Friday, March 23, 2012

Andrew's Graduation

Hey he's finally done it and he now has a piece of paper to say he can speak German proper!

But he's re-enrolled for another degree in Education

Hummm, I notice he dressed in 'Andrew Style' for the occasion.

We are very proud of you Andrew - well done on finishing this degree as I know it was a drag at the end.

Until next time ... Kim

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming soon - Violets 80th Birthday

Very soon my mother in law will turn 80 and we are planning a party.

Here is the invite for a teaser!

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Until Next time ... Kim