Friday, June 30, 2017

First Time Meeting Baby Edith!

20170514_141235Kim & Sean

Above: Kim & Edie 2017 and Kim & Sean 1984.

First grand daughter and first son


Well, Dear Readers understand me when I say that these photos are a complete coincidence.

It was when I was looking for baby pic’s, to see what bits of this brown haired, beautiful brown eyed bub looked like Sean,  that I found this old photo and thought… I’M IN THE THE SAME POSE!!!

(Its my blog—it is all about me you know)!!

So compare, Photos 30 (something).. years apart,,,,

Dear Readers, I wish I could go back and give that young lass some reassurance…

Move on, be strong, you will make good decisions,…


And the blue cardigan in the 1984 photo…Mum knitted that, I loved it and its still in a box in the wardrobe…


We finally got to meet Edie on Mothers day..( I was sick for eight weeks, I think I had two different bouts of viruses,one after another, and coughed  until I broke a rib).


Well there you go, I am now a Grandmother…

Kimba and Opa. we think….

Kimba, the white lion..(1960’s cartoon)

Opa, German for grandpa. 

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Friday, April 28, 2017

EDith May Doodson



Born 28th April 2017

Born 19:19 hours

4.1kgs 54cms long



She’s here!

Three and a half weeks early, but she needed to get out of there as she had run out of room.

Rosie was going to be induced on Monday the 1st May, but baby Edith decided she wasn’t waiting for that. Rosie’s waters broke on Thursday night and they were off to Tamworth for the birth.

After 12 hours she was delivered by C section.

Both the names are my great aunts. (but I think that may have been a fluke). My Mum’s two aunts, Beryl's sister, May and her father, Gordon’s sister Edith (AKA . Edie).


Dear Readers, I know your heart will be so disappointed for me when I tell you the next bit.

I went home from work on Thursday afternoon feeling wretched and when I got Sean’s text on Friday morning, saying Rosie was in labour, I couldn’t lift my head of the pillow let alone get out of bed.

Gone were all my dreams of meeting my grand daughter for the first time  and presenting her with her quilts, and the other gifts I have.

It was very sad, Dear Readers, and I had a little sob about the unfairness of life. To quote that famous philosopher, Alanis Morissette

“Its Like Rain on your wedding day”


But never mind, many happy marriages start on a wet day. (that’s from the famous philosophy of Kim).

I’m writing this on Sunday the 30th.. and I still am yet to meet Edith and don’t expect I’ll be well enough until next weekend.

So… what grandparents names????

I thought about Nanny Kimmy (sounds like a goat).

What about Nan Kimba and Pa.

I’ll see what she likes, I know she just can’t wait to meet me!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Of Pending Births and Anniversaries


I must warn you Dear Readers that my blog posts have become slightly out of sync. But this is to prepare the way for the next post which should be (I now know will be) the ‘main event’.


On Sunday 23rd April, we had Sunday lunch at Sean and Rosie's place at Kentucky.

above – is the pigs (can’t remember their names) eating the last of the famous choc chip carrot cake that I baked for Easter Sunday, complete with fondant carrots on the top. (Most ridiculous cake I’ve ever made).

These photos are from Grahams camera due to my missing (now found) battery charger as mentioned in a previous post.


Above is Mavis.. they are running out of cute names for the new little girl, because they give all the cute ones to the animals…


I took most of the food to save Rosie the trouble and we took Grahams Mum (Vi) out there as well.

The 23rd was our 12th wedding anniversary, I was going to post a Kim & Graham Wedding photo but I can’t find them. Probably still packed in a box.

 (I did find Sean and his ex’s wedding photos in the cupboard, but it is probably in bad taste to mention that here….)

I promise Dear Readers that when our photos turn up I’ll post a sentimental blog about our wedding day. Which will excite you or more probably bore you to tears.

I think it may be a hint that its time to clean out the spare room.


Rosie is only 36 weeks! Is she going to make it to term? (NO), Is she going to make it to next Sunday?(NO).

Very exciting – first time grandparents!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some thoughts about Tardiness and Anzac Day 2017


Hi again Dear Readers.
I apologise for my blog tardiness in 2017, this is only my 4th post for the year and it is nearly May!
I can make all sorts of excuses, but this slackness is because basically I’ve not taken many photos.
To the point that my camera battery ran out and I could not remember the last time I used the charger and could not find it.
(finally located said charger under a pile of fabric in my sewing room, which sent me skipping down the hall with joy, which was a sight to behold, just ask Miss Lizzy who enjoyed the moment immensely…)
Anyway, I think you will find things are about to improve with many great events about to occur which will give me plenty to blog about!


Every Anzac the car club goes for a ‘run’ and BBQ. This year we went down to Uralla, with a stop at Gostwyck Church on the way back. 

Beautiful New England in its autumn colours.

I seem to remember another Anzac day, when Andrew laid a wreath here as he was school captain. Was probably the last time I was at this park.I seem to remember the day also involved amoured personal carriers. (silly me.. I just can't spell!
armoured personnel carrier 
the other sounds like an armoured handbag, hee hee)


And the lovely Gostwyck, just a bit past its best colours. A bit early this year.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

A day in the rain… again!

Hello Dear Readers.
You would think at our age that Graham and I would have learn't our lesson about a Day on the Green. However I still paid out all this money so we could get soaked through, and sit in chilly wet undies for hours.
(speak for yourself,replies Graham, my pants remained dry throughout)


But we have, I admit, learned the value of taking lots of bin liners to protect our picnic and backpacks!


Was it worth it!
Headline act was Jimmy Barnes!
Supported by Joe Camilleri (below).

(The cultural experience of a trip to the porta loos.. which I think I also spoke about the last time we did a day on the green).
Other supporting acts were, Diesel, again in the rain.
And The Angels- “Am I ever gonna see your face again, no way, too much rain,,, DRY OFF…”
(thank you for the applause, Dear Readers)

I took this photo above with my phone. Me thinks very atmospheric, although a bit damp.
And then the highlight was Jimmy. This is my best photo below…


But most of my pics  looked like this one below….


Jimmy, was good, but not great, voice not quite as powerful as it was, but then maybe I had swimmers ear.
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Friday, February 24, 2017

The V&A Quilt Finished


(Dear Readers - So far behind in my blog that it will take me months to catch up)!!!
Here is the V&A quilt finally complete.


This was the quilt made with fabric purchased from the gift shop at the V&A museum  in London.
Mum and I visited it on the 6th September in 2011, while the blokes went to the imperial war museum.
I had to look up that post to get the date!


The V&A had had a quilt exhibition the previous year and all these fabrics were based on traditional fabrics used in those quilts.

Its a block called rolling stone, and I fussy cut the ric-rac border. 


Miss Lizzy is helping with the traditional clothes line shots.


Its now on the wall in the dining room.


As usual I have lots of tops nearly finished.. I always seem to get board when I get to the borders (board/borders a pun! Such fun!)
Sorry, have been reading a Miranda Hart book…PEGGY AND ME. my dearest reader chums…
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Under Pressure … Finally finished!


Dear Readers you will be delighted to know that I have finished the bigger Under Pressure quilt,,,,  I gave it to Graham’s nephew and his wife for Christmas, and it  now has gone to live in Brussels.
Below is part of the label.
IMG_5650 - Copy

It has Australian and some Dutch blocks and lots of scrappy blocks… (as Merel is Dutch and Tom is Australian)
IMG_5647 - Copy

It’s turned out really well and I am very pleased with it!
IMG_5652 - Copy
The smaller one is still in progress!
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