Friday, December 8, 2017

Köln - Freitag


Another Christmas Market. This one is Neumarkt. 

It isn't as cold today as the wind has dropped.


And surprise Dear Readers, Santa really did visit baby Jesus in the manger, along with these Hansel & Gretel  lookalikes.


We spent the afternoon at the Chocolate Museum. Schokoladenmuseum.


Above is a huge Chocolate fountain.

And its starting to snow outside.

Dear Reader Children, this is where they keep the Lindt bunnies until they grow large enough to harvest for Easter.


Tonight at another Christmas markets. There are about seven in Cologne.


Being Friday night this one was packed. All the locals down for a Glühwein before heading home for the weekend.

Its still snowing…..


Another meal standing up at a Markets.

There is some great food, and we are always up to trying something we haven't ever heard of and cant pronounce. Although Graham has a bit of basic German I find pointing at something and waving a Euro works rather well.

Not spending a lot of money this trip on food, but I am beginning to crave some veggies.

Tomorrow we head for Munich.

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