Sunday, December 3, 2017

London Lights up for Christmas


Its Sunday, so we went out to see Uncle George and Molly the cat for lunch.

It was dark by 4pm, and they certainly get good value out of their Christmas lights as it is dark so early. Unlike in Australia where it has to be past 8pm to get the full effect.

So after leaving George we headed into the city, with thousands of other sightseers to look at the lights in Leicester Square, Regent and Oxford streets.


IMG_6122 (2)

The Angels in Regent street were just beautiful, their wings lit up in sequence e.g a plume at a time, so it looked like there were a flock of fifty angels flying up the street.



We went into Hamblys the big toy store and saw Will, Kate and Harry made of Lego. Dear Readers its true, its true!

And they had great Christmas windows, here's one below….


And Oxford street had a light up advent calendar.


Guess who else must be here to see the lights! Or maybe she’s gone to do her Christmas shopping or to halt some invading alien race.


Ummm, call me suspicious but I’m a bit worried about those Angels now. Imagine all those Angels coming alive and creating havoc for the Regent street Christmas crowd. I’ve missed my calling as a scriptwriter, although I have an inkling that similar scenarios have been done before on Doctor Who.(My apologies Dear Readers, you need to be a bit of a Whovian to get those connections).

Eurostar and Brussels tomorrow.

scan of post it 001 

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