Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, Christmas is over for another year.
and it was an extremely successful day with good food and good company.


We had 12 (+ kids)  for dinner/lunch and this year I decided on a sugar and spice theme.
I love those candy bars that are used for weddings and when I saw jars 40% off (plus birthday discount from Robins Kitchen) the theme was set!


Below is this years delicious menu…
Menu 2012 001

The great graphics I got as a free download from a wonderful website I found called, hostess with the mostess. If you want a little inspiration for party planning then go and have a look at the amazing things they do!

Above are the candy boxes for guest to take home the table decorations.

I’ve made a smilebox scrapbook  of the best of the rest of the photos and here it is below….

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Graham and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas 
and we wish you a safe and happy 2013.
(Note to self....Its time to change the watermark on my photos again!)

Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birthday Thanks


Sorry I  sound a bit crabby in my last post about my birthday.


But I am legally allowed to be a Grumpy Old Woman now!

I forgot to thank everyone for the lovely gifts, cards and good wishes.

Especially, Graham, Emmy, Sean and Andrew who gave me a lovely antique ring.


Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey its MY birthday and a biggie.

Yes, jolly old me.

I actually wasn’t going to do anything for my Birthday, but then I decided on a small family dinner party with a Night in Venice theme.

Everyone had a venetian mask and the table was sparkly and candlelit.

Others brought the food and we had antipasto, slow roasted pork with baked potatoes.

A nice pasta bake dish with a green broccoli salad.

And to finish a Ferrero Roche ice cream cake.

and, this is where I would share the photos, however there hardly any.

Well, that's not exactly true as there are lots of photos, but with apologies to the photographers most of the shots are blurred, too dark or just plain bad.

My own fault as I should have got off my bum and taken the photos myself.

I also bought a beautiful new dress and have lost 19kg so thought I looked pretty good, however in every photo I look like a big grey slug. Which was a bit of a shock and not a great boost to my self esteem.


Anyway, here are the best of a bad bunch!






NOW, Roll on Christmas!


Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baubles Bangles and Beads – Completed

…and ready for wrapping as its a pressie.


actually I finished it about a month ago but have been too BUSY to post about it..

This is the larger of the two quilts – the other is finished too but needs to go off to be quilted.

This is the last quilt label from our old computer which crashed. I’ve lost a lot of my nice fonts, and at the moment I can’t access any of the quilts that I designed on that computer, poo.


Alfie just wants me to come back inside so he can get comfy, and so he doesn’t have to deal with the grass because he hates walking on grass.

(you would as well if your belly was only an inch off the ground)


Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

Friday, December 7, 2012

Feels like Christmas!

Graham and I have been busy Christmas-a-fying the house.

I don’t think that's a real word!


Anyway – this year I’ve gone fairy light mad. Almost every time I come home from the shops I have another packet. They are so cheap these days.

And I’ve planted festive red & white petunias.

The Christmas village has a new addition which is the Big ben Pub.



I seem to have run out of space on the sideboard so next year I may have to get creative about how to display my village.



I had a bit of drama with the Christmas tree lights.

The flower lights I usually use have stopped working – that's the problem with LEDs you can’t change the globes so once a light blows they need to be tossed out.

Just as well I tested them before I put the rest of the decorations on.

Luckily- a  little bit of Christmas serendipity clicked in. I had some lights in the cupboard that I was planning to use on the Christmas dinner table. Big rattan hearts in pink, red  and white.

So I whipped them out, tossed them on the tree, and kept the rest of the decorations a bit simpler. Looks pretty good I think and a little different.


Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday– Homeward Bound…

I wish I was
Homeward bound
Home, where my thought's escaping
Home, where my music's playing
Home, where my love lies waiting
Silently for me
(Lyrics-‘Homeward Bound’ – Simon & Garfunkel)

Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW - Mystery Run 2012

Part 7 – Goondiwindi to Armidale


RIGHT….. Last day and heading home to collect the doggies from the kennel..
We leave the hotel and leave Robyn and Gary behind.
Wave and smile…
They own the Valiant which will be on the road today BUT not in time to join the convoy.
Morning tea was at Yetman…
Then on towards Inverell..
I love these photos of the storm and the wheat fields..
Thank goodness that storm missed our leaky car.
Have hardly been watered on at all this trip..


Lunch at Inverell near the river,
using up all the leftovers.
and then a goodbye stop, at Guyra … kiss kiss..
and onto home to collect the doggies!

Below is the photos from the trip with a Rock soundtrack!
(or pinch if you want)

Until next time, Red heart Red heart Red heart Kim
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