Friday, May 29, 2015

Kitchen Update………


For all those that are wondering why I haven’t posted about my beautiful,new, finished kitchen,,, its because ITS STILL NOT FINISHED!!!


NO splashbacks…


We had a disagreement with the installer over the splashbacks , that were suppose to be installed in December.

We are now doing it ourselves.

Fortunately, we haven’t lost money (the Installers have and it serves them right).

Actually, looks like we will save a lot of money doing it ourselves. Yippee, and I’ve changed the colour and the design of the splash backs slightly.


Should be completed soon!

Watch this space Smile



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Friday, May 15, 2015

Current Quilt Project– { SHINE }


This is the current quilt I am working on.

Below is my EQ6 design.


I was aiming for a girlie look and originally was going to do handbags, but then it sort of morphed into lanterns.


I finished the border first as it was so complicated. Now I’m working on the lanterns for the centre using floral, fairy frost, and hand dyes.

The look I’m going for lanterns hanging in a garden at dusk – can you get my vision?


I’m not sure I like it… it seems a bit fussy and busy. But wait till it comes together at the end as it may yet work.


I have also just finished 1/2 a dozen dog coats, one each for Georgie Girl, Alfie, Millie & Maya (cash cow coats). And two coats to donate to Doggie Rescue.


The first and largest of the ‘Under Pressure’ quilt ~~ top is finished and waiting for me to find a new quilter.

The V&A top is also finished and ditto as above.

Next project is SHEEP soft toys, using the Melly & Me ‘Black Sheep, White sheep’ pattern.

I think my sheep will be grey sheep cream sheep… I have bought some nice fabric that looks like knitting,,, see below… OH, I know.. I’ll call mine  ‘Knit sheep, Purl sheep’…!!



scan of post it 001