Monday, November 21, 2016

Mystery Run 2016 – Day Two


IMG_20161127_day 2


Much cooler today, and what a beautiful day it is!


Our first stop was Black Head, which is north of Tuncurry off the lakes way. Very pretty spot.


We had morning tea at Tuncurry. Then drove around to visit some of the beaches.


No Whales.

But isn’t the sea a magnificent colour.


Then lunch at Smiths Lake.


We spent Christmas here in 2009. One of my very first blog posts!


The house is still there and looks the same.

(Which is more than I can say for US in the 2009 Christmas Day pic below. My boys have lost lots of weight since this photo, and broken up with both those partners. And Seth dog is long dead)

anyway – back to the Mystery Run….

The afternoon was spent with some free time.

There are 19 cars and 37 people on the trip this time. We ended up at the pub instead of the club tonight as they were happier to provide a courtesy bus.

scan of post it 001

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mystery Run 2016–Day One


Its time for the Car Club Mystery Run for 2016.


As in previous years we only find out on the first day in which direction we are heading. Although we did have an inkling that this year we wouldn't be going too far, and that we were only going to stay in 2 places.

At least that saves with the packing up every day!

IMG_20161127_Day 1

So the news on the first day is that we are heading to Taree.

Turning at Nowendoc and heading down the 90km of dirt road to Wingham.


Not been this way before.

What I always like about this trip is that we go places we normally wouldn’t be bothered with!


Its very dusty, and its jolly hot too.

33 degrees, and the only air con we have is to wind down the windows.


Everything in the boot was caked with dust.

The boys will be all out washing their vehicles this afternoon.

I think I had mild heat stroke by the time we got to Taree, not helped by the hay fever tablets giving me a raging thirst.

IMG_20161127_Taree 1IMG_20161127_Taree 2 

Anyway, lots of water an a cool shower and I was okay.

scan of post it 001