Monday, January 19, 2015

New Garden




Below – before a barren dry yard


Then,  below the grass is gone, its mulched and waiting for plants. I’ve marked out the spacing for the roses


Now we have roses, a tiny box hedge and other plants.


The roses are, Bonica, Scentimental, and 2 types of David Austins  which are Mary Rose and Strawberry Hill.  Along with lots of varieties of gaura which look so pretty blowing in the breeze.



Hopefully next summer will see the garden mature and fill out.

Below- Scentimental is a striped rose!


This years project will be to start planting in the empty back yard. (nice and green and the moment)!


Compared to a few months ago when it was so dry that even a family of Roo’s moved in!


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Saturday, January 17, 2015

finished! a kiss to build a dream on


Give me a kiss to build a dream on

and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss..

Louis Armstrong - 1951



This was one of the first quilts I blogged about in January 2010.

Progress 030



Five years later it is finally complete.


I finished it at the end of 2014 – but its too heavy to get up on the clothesline for the traditional shot. Here it is in our guest bedroom.


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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crazy Christmas 2014~!


Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year to all!


Here is a photo of Mum, Me, Graham and Dad, at the Car club Christmas party~!~!~!..

(Sorry Mum – made me laugh- I might post it on facebook as well ,,,, he he he)!

I went a little  CRAZY, MAD, mentalBUSY…  with the Christmas decorations.(Oh what is the right politically correct word)!!


For Work I made them little Spiced Shortbread parcels,,,  which went down very well!

And I bought lots of new decorations for the new house!!


And it looked very Christmas-eey (how do you spell that, it should be in the dictionary)!


And a chicken has exploded on the tree – which really means I went mad BUSY and bought lots of lovely Christmas birdies from Bed Bath n Table


(notice we have new CURTAINS ..;. if you would like some vertical blinds I will soon be offering these on GUMTREE…very cheap…)

Christmas day was spent with Grahams family… Paul, Mel, Kayden & Sienna. (and Josh & Steph who came later) AND, Violet (Graham’s Mum)… and, older brother Michael, and Gail from Sydney.



AND 4 DOGGIES..!!!!! … Sean is away…Georgie Girl, Millie, Maya and Alfie!~~ = Chaos. Well only for  few minutes… then they all went to sleep.. sort of…


The Christmas in New York Cheesecake was a great success!!!

From a Margaret Fulton recipe.. Manhattan Cheese Cake... But I added Christmas spices, golden caster sugar .. AND.. Gold leaf to decorate! – Bless Margaret Fulton --- lovely!

Made the regular version lots of times!!! - If you want the recipe let me know.


Sean, on the other side of the world (Canada- which is why we have all the dogs) is having a white Christmas!!!



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