Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crazy Christmas 2014~!


Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year to all!


Here is a photo of Mum, Me, Graham and Dad, at the Car club Christmas party~!~!~!..

(Sorry Mum – made me laugh- I might post it on facebook as well ,,,, he he he)!

I went a little  CRAZY, MAD, mentalBUSY…  with the Christmas decorations.(Oh what is the right politically correct word)!!


For Work I made them little Spiced Shortbread parcels,,,  which went down very well!

And I bought lots of new decorations for the new house!!


And it looked very Christmas-eey (how do you spell that, it should be in the dictionary)!


And a chicken has exploded on the tree – which really means I went mad BUSY and bought lots of lovely Christmas birdies from Bed Bath n Table


(notice we have new CURTAINS ..;. if you would like some vertical blinds I will soon be offering these on GUMTREE…very cheap…)

Christmas day was spent with Grahams family… Paul, Mel, Kayden & Sienna. (and Josh & Steph who came later) AND, Violet (Graham’s Mum)… and, older brother Michael, and Gail from Sydney.



AND 4 DOGGIES..!!!!! … Sean is away…Georgie Girl, Millie, Maya and Alfie!~~ = Chaos. Well only for  few minutes… then they all went to sleep.. sort of…


The Christmas in New York Cheesecake was a great success!!!

From a Margaret Fulton recipe.. Manhattan Cheese Cake... But I added Christmas spices, golden caster sugar .. AND.. Gold leaf to decorate! – Bless Margaret Fulton --- lovely!

Made the regular version lots of times!!! - If you want the recipe let me know.


Sean, on the other side of the world (Canada- which is why we have all the dogs) is having a white Christmas!!!



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