Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fiji–Part 3 - Around Denarau Island

Hey;..if you want get around this
tours-isty  resort there is only one way!

Well….. part of the problem is that the meals in Fiji  are so expensive… I don’t know of it's because we last went to South Africa where meals were good quality and so cheap.. but it was s bit of a shock here,...

Much cheaper to go to the marina to get lunch or dinner .. and the little kids love going on the bus.. 

Denarau Map

That's another thing,, there are so many young families here. with babies under 3 or 4  years.. Good grief when my babes were that age we took them to the caravan park in Forster..
Goodness , I sound like an oldie.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Fiji–Part 2–Whales Tale Cruise

Its Anzac day – so why not take a cruise on a sailing boat!


We organised a tour on the Whale Tale Schooner.


Whale Tale 1Whale Tale 2


They took us to their own sandy island – and we attempted to snorkel,, but we failed, I’m too sore in the shoulder and Grahams too moustached…

(But that's okay,…anyway,it probably wouldn't have be comparable to the Cook Islands Honeymoon snorkelling)…

So we had a nice swim in the warm waters instead..


We  did have a nice lunch in their pavilion. Fish, Chicken and salad.

Most of he buildings on the island was blown away this year in Cyclone Winston. This is all new built, I hope our cost of the tour helps them a little


And then we did a little fishing in the dingy,which is a glass bottom fish finder boat.. Of course we caught nothing but it was fun to feed the fish!


Then, on the way home, hot and salty, it was fun on board, alcohol included in the tour!!!.

We had a anniversary cake along with the honeymooners and birthday people..

IMG_5201 IMG_5202

They sung to us… Beautiful Fiji!


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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bula ! from Fiji


Graham and I are on holidays again…

This time its a week in Fiji. Its our wedding anniversary holiday!


I have never been to Fiji before and Graham was here briefly 30 years ago during a cruise.



We spent the first 2 nights in Nadi and then have 5 nights at the Sofitel resort on Denarau.


We have hats and lots of blockout and intend to have days where we do nothing but sit under the palm trees.

Its warm, about 30 degrees and the water is nice and warm too. We may even swim…


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