Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fiji–Part 3 - Around Denarau Island

Hey;..if you want get around this
tours-isty  resort there is only one way!

Well….. part of the problem is that the meals in Fiji  are so expensive… I don’t know of it's because we last went to South Africa where meals were good quality and so cheap.. but it was s bit of a shock here,...

Much cheaper to go to the marina to get lunch or dinner .. and the little kids love going on the bus.. 

Denarau Map

That's another thing,, there are so many young families here. with babies under 3 or 4  years.. Good grief when my babes were that age we took them to the caravan park in Forster..
Goodness , I sound like an oldie.

scan of post it 001

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