Friday, May 27, 2016

Fiji Part 4 – Village tour and Mud Pools.



Our final Day in Fiji, and we are a bit bored of sitting around under palm trees so we decided to take one more tour.


We had our own private tour guide who took us to Saunaka which is his local village.

They welcomed us with a kava ceremony at one of their homes,


Then we visited the school.


We then returned to Nadi for a market tour.


Our next stop was the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Which was the home of the actor Raymond Burr and houses his orchid collection.




Then to the hot mud pools!

I wasn’t too sure about this, but it was actually really interesting. The mud was warm, didn’t smell, and felt nice on the skin.

First you cover yourself with the mud then wait 10 minutes or so until it dries.


Then you get into a dam to wash it off. Then finally move into a hot spring pool to get it all out of your pores – lovely like a big bath.


Last stop was back to the village, where we were treated like guests of honour and given a traditional lunch of fish.


Well, that's it…… time to get ourselves home.

Fiji was really enjoyable, not sure its completely my favourite type of holiday. Much prefer art galleries and museums to  swimming and palm trees but its nice to try something different sometimes!

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