Friday, June 3, 2016

Vincent and the Doctor


Vincent and the Doctor


Okay – I couldn’t help myself.

I have started this new project when I have so many other quilts that I need to finish!

But I just love this Doctor Who fabric so much that I couldn’t wait to cut into it.


Vincent and the Doctor was a great episode of Doctor Who.


  Intrigued by an ominous figure in one of Vincent van Gogh's paintings, alien time traveller the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) go back in time to meet Van Gogh (Tony Curran) and discover that Provence has been plagued by an invisible monster, known as the Krafayis, which only Van Gogh can see. The Doctor and Amy work with Van Gogh to defeat the Krafayis, but in their attempt to have Van Gogh realise his legacy through bringing him to the future they ultimately realise that not all of time can be rewritten and there are some evils which are out of the Doctor's reach.


I liked the way they copied some of the paintings for the sets.



So apart from the feature fabric which is festooned with exploding Tardis’s, I have use fabric from another fabric range called  Van Gogh.

I tried to create an optical illusion by making each round slightly narrower.


Its all coming together really well!

Which is great,,,, as I have to now put this aside unfinished while I work on a baby quilt!


scan of post it 001