A list of my completed quilts!


Where did it all begin,

  AND look at how far I've come... 


THIRTY-ONE- December 2016

Under Pressure


 Another one completed. This one was given to Grahams Nephew and his wife. I have a smaller one of these as well but its in a cue and waiting its turn to go and get quilted.

Made of thousands of scraps, brights and some novelty fabrics as well.
IMG_5650 - Copy 
Below is the label.


 And,  below is my original EQ6 design.

Under Pressure JPEG


THIRTY - December 2016

Millions of Minions


Another quilt for a new baby using great Minion fabric.
There was a big gap between quilts in 2015-2016.
Kay my quilter moved and it took me awhile to find a new machine quilter.


 Now using Art N quilting studio at Sandy beach.



 This was a fun quilt to make. I designed it myself on EQ7.
I made every row a slightly different width.


TWENTY-NINE - March 2015

Octopuses Garden


 I cheated a bit with this one which was a gift for a colleagues new baby.


I bought a panel added a triangle border,then I hand quilted around all the elements... took ages but looked nice when finished.


TWENTY-EIGHT - January 2015

A Kiss to Build a Dream on

IMG_4208 Good grief -  this quilt took me YEARS!!!! (5 years +)

It was suppose to be about 12 inches wider, but it was too big so I reduced the size. Hence I have enough pinwheels to make another quilt!

The applique took me ages and I had to use a magnifier as my eyes where so bad by the end. 



 Beautifully machine quilted by Kay. The last quilt she will do for me as she is moving to Victoria. 



TWENTY-SEVEN - July 2014

I Spy in Orange


 A quick cot quilt for a colleagues baby girl.
Using up my scraps... (still have lots - is there no bottom to my stash)!

Machine quilted by me.


TWENTY-SIX - April 2014




 A quilt with bugs in jars for our new baby niece Sienna.

My own design.

The lady bugs have escaped from one jar and are wandering all down the side of the quilt.
na na, na na, na

BUT- on the back they are FREE.

 Apart from the lady bugs there are red-back spiders, lizards , snails, ants, butterflies, bugs, bookworms, bees, cockroaches and frogs. There are also 3 different jar blocks, some are on shelves and some are stacked.


TWENTY-FIVE - December 2013


 For Sean & Emmy for Christmas 2013

 Blue Japanese fabrics, vintage kiminoes and batiks.

The red gold blocks look like match sticks - hence Redheads.
I still have enough of thes blocks to make a smaller quilt!


TWENTY-FOUR - November 2013

Ripe Strawberries

for the table


 A small quilt - a good size for lap. wall or table.
One for ME, to keep.
Using up lots of scraps!(still have lots of scraps)

 a sister quilt for ripe strawberries below

TWENTY THREE - October 2013

Dr Seuss is on the loose

Made for Sal's baby girl - Lola.
I even created the 'Seussian' verse on the label.  

 below- Sal and Clarah at Sal's high tea baby shower



TWENTY TWO - June 2013

Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered

The second, and smaller of this pair of quilts.

This ones for me and hangs on the wall.

 TWENTY ONE - December 2012

Baubles, Bangles and Beads

This quilt is the first and largest in a 2 part quilt project.


It was  made as a gift for my sister, Cathy, for Christmas.

TWENTY - September 2012

'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi'

Another cot size quilt, this time for a new bub named wee JOCK.

I'm using up my stash of Australian themed fabrics, 
inspired by the 2012 London Olympics.

(Not that it helped Australia win many medals)!  

 It has a snugly spotty flannel backing. I also tried for a green & gold versus red white & blue southern cross type thingy....

and - of course - a boxing kangaroo on the label. 

As with all my smaller quilts I quilted it on my poor old machine. This is never as professional looking as Kay does for me on the larger quilts - BUT its cheaper! Cot quilts should be used and chewed and poo-ed on, therefore if they last only a few years then thats fine. In fact I'd be rather flattered if one of my cot quilts became a childs 'blankie' and was so loved that it became a little dirty scrap of rag!

NINETEEN - July 2012 

'A Dog Party!'

A dog party, a big dog party

Go Dog Go - P.D. Eastman 


For our new niece - Isla

and named from a  favourite book of my boys when they were preschoolers.

A bright cot sized quilt using up lots of scraps and all those left over doggie fabrics.


EIGHTEEN - 2012 - 'Beatlemania'

I fell in love with the Beatle fabric, and bought lots of it, then had the difficult job of designing the quilt to fit in with the fabric.

It sat nearly completed for a long time before I got around to having it quilted by Kay.

The fabric features the Beatles in the Sea of Holes from the Yellow Submarine movie. It even has Green Meanies onit.

It a block called 'Not too fussy' from the quilt blocks galore website, which I changed slightly.


 SEVENTEEN - 2011 - 'I Spy'

I spy with my little eye
something beginning with....?

OOH, I love this quilt and it was sooo much fun to make!

Graham holding the quilt - we were rushing it off to the hospital

This was a 'welcome to the world' quilt for our new baby nephew Kayden.

I bought small 'I Spy' squares from Ebay (America) and combined them with what I already had in my stash.

The squares have everything from cars to pink flamingos... wish I'd made one for me too!

SIXTEEN- 2011- 'I Remember You'

A quilt made for my parents to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. I was really pleased with this one. Probably because I really loved the fabric... how can one go wrong when working such gorgeous stuff!

This is my original EQ6 design

and, this is the finished result - cool! I love EQ6!!!

 I used a magnificent Asian floral for the borders and then based the rest of the colour scheme around it.

The white is glitter fabric, which is so cute, (despite a bit of the glitter coming off on the iron) and I used lots of my favourite fabric - which is Michael Miller Fairy Frost.

Kay, quilted it Beautifully, as per usual
The label

It was named after the Frank Ifield song 'I Remember You' (the yodelling one!) which is the right era for Mum and Dad. 

They love their quilt!


FIFTEEN - December 2010 - 'Ripe Strawberries'

A quilt made for my Mother-in-law for Christmas. I bought the beautiful afternoon tea  fabric first then had to design the quilt around it. Baskets of strawberries as a centrepiece. Quilted in a 'Steam' pattern by Kay.

Named after a song from the musical 'Oliver!' - 'Who will buy' which has sellers of strawberries carrying their baskets and singing "Ripe, strawberries, ripe". 

THIRTEEN & FOURTEEN - 2010 - 'The Colour of Magic'

These two quilts took me YEARS to finish. Designed pre EQ6, when I had all the blocks done I realized it was too big so I unpicked it and split it into two. The large one is still too big doesn't fit in the washing machine and is really heavy to sleep under -- but really nice on the coldest winter nights so its our winter quilt. Which gives me an excuse to make a summer quilt ;-)

A design called Tennessee Waltz  from Judy Martins scrap quilts book. Made from lots of Asian fabrics including the brocade my mother brought me back from China. Quilted in a design called Chinese Crescents.

The Colour of Magic is the title of Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel.

TWELVE - July 2010 - 'Who Let the Dogs out?'

Woof, woof, woof ,woof..... Using lots of Doggie print fabrics and I designed the blocks to look like dog kennels. Each kennel is empty and the dogs are everywhere but where they should be!

A quick cot quilt for Henry a friends bub.  


  ELEVEN - May 2010 - 'Our House'

Our house in the middle of our street... a song by the group Madness. This is the first quilt I designed and made using EQ6 (which is a software design program for quilters). Quilted by Kay in a Ric Rac pattern which looked great on the plain backing.

I gave this one to Andrew. I would like to revisit the house block again one day. Maybe yellow houses with a black background next time.

TEN - 2010 - 'Daydream Believer'

A quick cot quilt for my new baby nephew. Made of scraps using lots of novelty fabrics.
Machine quilted by ME!


NINE - 2009 -  'All Spruced Up'

A Christmas wall hanging. Lots of green and cream and when it was finished I decided to torture myself by covering it in hundreds of sequins. The angel was may first ever appliqué and she is holding a rhinestone star. She is also made from the hot pink 'satin'  from one of my favourite blouses - bought from Katies in the Corso at Manly in 1980 something... I also quilted it myself, although simply and poorly.

I designed it on graph paper! (How old fashioned that seems now!) The gifts at the base are 3D, stuck on with clear press-studs for ease of laundering...

Looks good though,,, and now I use it to display Christmas cards!


EIGHT - 2009 - 'Round & Round the Garden (like a teddy bear)' 

A wedding quilt for Jessica and Jarrod. I collected lots of little squares from ebay so that every block is a different colour.


SEVEN - July 2008 - 'Most People I Know (Think that I'm Crazy)'

This is the turning point!

The first of a new generation of quilts. Its the first I had professionally quilted. No more struggling and ruining all my hard work with my dodgy machine quilting. It was at this time that I discovered buying fabric online and all the other wonderful resources available online for crafters! Its the first quilt I used printable fabric for the label.

I love the colours in this quilt and it is still my favourite on the lounge cuddle quilt.


SIX- May 2006 -  'In My Life'

Lots of Pyramids made with lots of scraps from other projects and old clothes, Has velour and satin blocks. Quilted it myself with some difficulty and lots of swearing.

Its named after the Beatles song - 'In My Life'- (Hey, I named my whole blog after this song)!

There are places I remember
in my life 
though some have changed

FIVE - 2006 - 'Always look on the bright side of life"

Another nine patch quilt and a matching quilt to number 4. This was for Andrew and it took me YEARS to finish it. (BIG life problems during those years) I changed plans from a single bed size to a double by adding extra borders. I Quilted it myself on my poor little machine!

FOUR - 'The Little Duck Quilt'

'Mother duck said
quack quack quack quack
and all of her little ducks came back'

A single sized nine patch made for eldest son Sean. Had a duck fabric border thus the name.
I can't find the photos.

THREE - 2000 - 'The Birthday Money Quilt'

 Fabric bought with the money given to me by my Grandmother for Christmas. A log cabin wall quilt. Very sparsely machine quilted.

Photos to follow

TWO - 1998 - 'Andrew loves sleeping under the stars'

Made for my youngest son. I hand quilted this, it took ages and turned me off hand quilting. But I used a thick wadding which I now know is a no no for hand quilting!

 ONE - 1995 - 'Ben's Quilt'

My First Quilt. Finished in December 1995 for my nephew Ben
Log cabin quilt.

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