Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the ‘Bridal’ curtains and other Tales


We are feeling a lot more settled in the new house

as we are starting to make some changes.


1/ New Curtains

The master bedroom was so light during the night that we couldn’t sleep.

Vertical blinds are stupid…They don’t keep out the light or the heat/cold.

(I know I had them in the house I built in Gosford in 1986.. but that was 1986 AND because they were cheap and I couldn't afford anything else --- Hummm…that just about sums up the first owners of this house,)

Would anyone like to buy some 4 year old vertical blinds?

I have lots for sale, white pearl, excellent condition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NO…did I hear you say that they are stupid and don’t keep out the light/heat/cold……..… sigh,,,,,,,,,,,

I will post them on Gumtree, I don’t want a lot of $ for them,,, maybe $100 for 5 sets.. I will put that towards a lovely girly pendant light for the master bedroom! (think.. Chandelier)


SO…. I now have the most beautiful bedroom curtains from Fabrics Naturally in Armidale..

The staff  in the workshop thought they were like a wedding dress hanging around for a week while they waiting for the bay window track.



They aren’t pure white but a creamy white, with a block out curtain behind. The pattern is  an embroidered dot that I think looks like pearls. So pretty!

And finally the room is dark at night.

Before we got the curtains we had the front windrows of the house tinted, for privacy……. (as all passing could see in) and also, as the front of the house faces west,,,,for the sun. 

I can highly recommend this as its worked really well



2/ Rug

We needed to define the TV space from the rest of the big void that forms our living area.


There were also issues with the dogs. Aflie couldn’t get up or down from the lounge by himself as his feet slipped on the hard floor.

AND the echo!! Yeek! … we are trying to dampen that.

So we bought a rug, ---------- and after shopping around we went to the rug place in Armidlae’s Centro.

I love it,  – although… we once had a chance to buy a rug in Istanbul when we were there in 2011 and I am now sorry AND I want to go back to Istanbul! ..poo…




Woo Hoo – I wandered into a gift shop in the Mall (the one owned by Mrs Hannon, the local Pharmacists Missus) and saw these great lamps – just what I wanted, BUT too much money and wasn’t sure about the black shades…


I thought about it for a few days, and looked online if I could get a similar thing cheaper.

Then I decided to just go and buy them – the Mall needs the business and so do the locals..

So…I bought them…  I love them! ………..Black looks so good in this room! It must be due to the space – it needs to be drawn in.


4/ THE  Artwork

After YEARS of visiting the Armidale Art Gallery in the Mall we FINALLY saw a picture we wanted to buy, could afford to buy, and suited the house.


Then we UUmed and AAhed  about it..

so I went back a few days later and just bought it.


Its of Dumaresq Dam which is just west of Armidale.

(pronounced --- Dew-mare-ick --- pardon my French ,, ha ha)

Below: the REAL Dumaresq Dam.



5/ Kitchen Plans

Of my goodness – tradesman  just don’t want to even give quotes in Armidale as they are so busy.

We went to Tamworth instead. Which is cheaper as well….


Currently I’m choosing finishes.. I want,,,

(sigh…I wanta, I wanta,,,)

,,,,,,, a 2 pack enamel cupboard with a Caeserstone bench top and a enamelled pressed tin splashback.


But this may change as I keep changing my mind…


young beech’ cupboards and carcasses with a green ‘laminex’ish  bench top –  4yo Westinghouse oven and cooktop included. 30/3/2010 was the date the cupboards were to be ready to be installed. The sticker is still on the back of the cupboards.

$1300.00…ONO…… if you take it away.. at our convenience


and finally,,,

I am looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

…any suggestions..!!…?



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Friday, March 7, 2014

A Grey, day on the green 2014


Now I-I know that you never miss your water 'til you're dry
(Never miss your water, your water 'til you're dry)

(Never miss your water - Diesel/Tate 1993)

above: Sean, Emmy , me & Graham, our ‘selfie’ in our very stylish rain gear.

It poured with rain & we got wet. After a long dry spell the drought has broken,, typical it was the night we went to an outdoor concert with a no umbrella rule….

I had to keep my hand over my glass so my wine didn’t get diluted

The acts this year where Diesel, something for Kate and Hunters & Collectors.




It started bucketing down when diesel came on and didn’t stop his whole set, so then we stayed wet & cold.

A lot of people left early.

2014-03-01 16.30.39

Above:- here are Graham & I before the rains came…….We did start off dry… 

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