Saturday, May 26, 2018

Shannons Motor Show Tamworth 2018

Hi Dear Readers.
Graham and I recently spent the weekend in Tamworth so that The Baby could spend the weekend in the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre. You know were they hold the Country music awards.

So this took a bit of organizing as we had to take two cars. The Lotus of course, and the Mondeo so we has transport while the car was on display.

As usual The Baby got lots of attention. It gets lots and lots of photos taken of it.
Its possibly had more photos taken of it than Graham and I (combined) have had taken of ourselves in our entire lives.

A big variety of vehicles on display

and here are just some of them below

Some people went to lots of trouble  with their displays.

The car below is set up like its at a drive-in theatre.

We went to the official dinner on the Saturday night and sat at a table with the panel van club.

Above is one of our club members car. This is 'Reggie" that belongs to Cheryl.
There were about half a dozen car from our club.

This car won the best in show.

It was so shiny it was difficult to photograph. 

We didn't enter the Lotus in any of the judging.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Edith's first birthday

Edith turns one and she had a little party with family and her little friends.

A cold day out in the garden

The cake was frogs in a jelly pond.

She was a bit grumpy as she is teething.

Sean and Rose had one of their tents out for the kids to play in.
They are starting a glamping business.

We gave her some new duplo. (lego for littlies)

I also got out the huge box of duplo that belonged to Sean and Andrew.
Its been under the house for 30years! 
I soaked it in bleach and bought it a new box.

Nearly mobile!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Armidale's Autumn Festival Parade 2018

Hi Dear Readers, its time for the Autumn Festival which is always a big event for the car club. Usually I go around in the car, but I've never properly seen the parade so this year I decided to be a spectator.

And below is Mrs C in the parade.

I started the day sitting in the gutter outside the New England Hotel...

*snort* I knew I'd end up in the gutter outside the Newie one day. 
I'm sure I'm not the first to use the phrase "I started the day sitting in the gutter..." etc

Actually... come to think of it, there was an occasion several years ago,,,,,  but Mindy tells (remembers) that story better than me and it will keep for another time.

Always a treat to drive up the one way streets the wrong way!

And only in country towns can the council include its diggers and street sweepers in the parade!

Then in a fine feat of magic I scuttled up the mall and was at the post office before the cars came around again! Everyone found this slightly amusing, two of me? No its witchcraft I say!

Lots of local cultures marched in groups.

Great weather, probably as I was predicting rain.

And then the pipes.With all schools to follow. 
Armidale has some really pretty buildings. Above is the Imperial Hotel.

And below is the post office.

And above are the pipes heading down Faulkner street.
I'm actually standing on the Faulkner/Dumaresq street roundabout to take the photo.

Great day, good turn out. Got sun burnt,  won't need to take my vitamin D this week!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Project - Leaps and Bounds

My Design from EQ7.

 Okay,,, So I have started another project...

This is a Jacobs Ladder quilt called 'Leaps and Bounds' (yes the Paul Kelly song, I may have to contact him and ask permission).  Its a wedding quilt for Sean and Rose.
Starting to come together on my design wall

Finished size will be 75 x 70 inches,
(I always do my quilts in inches as I buy my fabric in yards, hey makes sense to me)
240 blocks I have to make, not including the border, phew, 
I think I've done about half the blocks so far.  

I'm concentrating on this one as it would be nice to have it completed in the same year of their wedding.! ..Despite also having four other completed tops that just need to be posted to my lovely quilting lady. (To hot to hand sew the bindings at the moment anyway).

I've two others quilts  in progress and a whole stash of beautiful sea themed fabric ready to go for the next one.

Yikes - I'm going to have to start setting deadlines... or retire.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sean and Rose's Wedding

Hello, My Dear readers

I wish to share with you the photos from my son Sean and his beautiful Rose's wedding last weekend  at their lovely farm at Kentucky, near Armidale...

Not many words in this post... but lots of lovely photos...

Mum, my sister Cathy and me!.. (and Millie the dog,) .. It was an accident, we didn't mean to dress the same!

Kimba and Edie

Kim, Edith and Cathy

Mum and her great grand daughter
Andrew, me and Hailey

Graham and his Mum.. Violet
My boys and my dad.. Their Pop.

Andrew and Hailey