Friday, November 10, 2017

I Spy Shadow Box Quilt


Well, Dear Readers, it never ceases to amaze me how much fabric I have collected over the years. It also amazes me that with all the projects I complete, the store of fabric I own never seems to diminish.

A bit like Albert, the Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsey. He was a cut-an-come-again pudding, I think I may have a cut and come again fabric stash!!!!




Anyway, I digress. I wish to share with you my latest finished project. This is a quilt made from scraps from my stash and Is an I Spy shadow box quilt. I made it as a raffle quilt for the car club for our recent rally.

All the raffle prizes are out on a table, so if your ticket number is called you get to choose, so all the good stuff goes first!

Fortunately it wasn't left until last and it was claimed by Rick and Cheryl!


Below is my little helper, trying not to be a trip hazard for once…



Its Me, Miss Lizzy, here my Mums Dear Readers – I protest at being referred to as a trip hazard. My Mum just doesn't look where she is going. I consider my role in the production of these quilts as vital to quality control, and doggie proof testing.


My apologies everyone, it appears that the dog is taking over the blog and it is all getting just a little silly!


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Friday, October 6, 2017

Hey there Georgie Girl!


Hi my Mum’s Dear Readers!

This is Miss Lizzy here to tell you of some very sad news.

I’ve lost my lovely bestest friend, Georgie Girl.

We were visiting that kennel place, while Mum and Graham were off having fun. Hummff…

One morning Georgie forgot to wake up..

and I lost her, I am so sad.


(above - about 8 weeks)

Here are some happy photos that mum has taken over the years – she took an awful lot of photos of that Georgie Girl…


Doggy sisters

Georgie had a lot of friends before she found her perfect match … Me, Miss Lizzy!

Above is with Ruby.

Below is with Millie.

Dec 2009 (includes Perth) 067


And of course that legend of doggie land!


They were doggie best friends too.

Before and after clip 31st jan 016

28 June 001

waiting for Graham 005

But, none of those other doggies luvvved you as much as me!!! look at the cuddles I gave you.


Mum says we might get another doggie, but not until next year.

Goodbye, Georgie my friend, you had a great life, especially once you had me!

I’ll look after Mum and Graham and give them extra Lizzy love.

Better go now before Mum catches me on her computer…

Until next time..

Love from Miss Lizzy


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Long Weekend Away


Hi Dear Readers!

Graham and I recently spent the October long weekend away in Sydney and Gerringong.


Sydney, because we had been gifted a dinner cruise that we needed to use before the end of the year. And Gerringong as youngest son has bought his first home there.

It was also Grahams Birthday.

So we took the coastal route via the sea cliff bridge. (above).


We stayed in a lovely B&B in Gerringong, caught up with Andrew and Hailey, and did some touristy things such as visit Kiama and the blow hole (not blowing – below).


And visited Berry and the Markets which was great.


Then back to Sydney for our tall ship dinner cruise which was given to us by Sean, Rosie and Edith.


Beautiful evening and a beautiful sunset.


…… and very sadly Dear Readers the sun also set on the life on one of our little doggies. Georgie Girl went to sleep at the kennels on Thursday night, and never woke up. I’ll blog about her life soon.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend in Sydney


Above :- Quarantine Beach – Sydney Harbour

As the name of this post suggests, Graham and I have just returned from a weekend in Sydney.

This trip, Dear Readers, wasn’t solely for R&R as I have had two weeks sick leave so I could have a cardiac procedure at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

And before you become alarmed, it was day surgery and it all went well, and I have a 95% chance that I will NEVER have my heart racing again at 250 bpm.


Anyway…. While we were in Sydney we thought it would be an opportunity to stay some nice places while I recuperate.. (I was told not to exert myself, lift or do housework for 5 days! *Bonus*).

Saturday night we stayed at the Q Station at North Head.


This is now a lovely hotel/ resort.


The complex operated as a quarantine station from 14 August 1832 to 29 February 1984. The idea behind it was that anyone arriving in the colony (as it then was) who might have an infectious disease would be kept in quarantine until it was considered safe to release them.

The station is now home to a hotel, conference centre, and restaurant complex known as Q Station,and remains part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. (Wikipedia)




Above:- what was once the first class dining room is now a guests lounge.

Beautiful weather, really warm for August.

We didn’t get to eat in their apparently amazing restaurant as it was fully booked so we had to make do with a pizza in the bar. Which was a rather nice pizza.



Thanks to the young couple below, who unknowingly made a lovely sunset picture.


Then onto Sunday, which was another glorious day.


…. and we moved location, to the Novotel at Darling Harbour and these pics below I took from the window of our room.



We spent the afternoon at the Powerhouse Museum. It probably will be the last time we visit the Ultimo site as the Powerhouse is being  moved to Parramatta.  (So that the greedy government can sell the Ultimo site to developers, to be made into luxury apartments, that average folks won’t be able to afford to buy …..)

We went to the Sherlock exhibition currently on at the Powerhouse.


All the adults running around with their little notebooks, getting stamps, and making brass rubbings to try and find the clues to solve the mystery! – What a hoot.

Below is two of the pages of my notebook!


Dear Readers! We were jolly hopeless, we got nowhere near the solution!


Below is the view – taken while sitting on the bed….


And tonight we did get a nice meal at the Ternary Restaurant at the Novotel. Highly recommend the chocolate tart with sorbet….


… below is a photo of the chocolate tart from trip advisor.

Thanks to the unknown person who took the pic!!! Smile


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