Monday, May 24, 2010

My quilt world - Ripe Strawberries!

AND, yet another quilt that I have started - this one I plan to give away at Christmas (but that's a secret and depends on if it turns out okay and that I have it finished in time) .Its only planned to be a medium size quilt, good for a table topper or a throw quilt for the lounge room.

Its baskets full of strawberries with a feature print of teapots and (guess what) strawberries. I've been able to use more of the red fabric left over from the house quilt.

I'm also planning a second version that I will keep - so I'm making extra basket blocks.

The name was inspired by the musical Oliver! The big scene where all the street sellers are shouting and selling their wares door to door.

Who will buy

will you buy my sweet red roses
two blooms for a penny
Ripe strawberries, ripe!
Ripe strawberries, ripe!
Oliver:Who will buy this wonderful morning
such a sky you never did see
who will tie it up in a ribbon
and put it in a box for me

and so on.... If you've forgotten this scene then its time you watched this musical again!!

Until next time.... Kim

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