Thursday, May 13, 2010

In my life

Well, last week saw my return to work after 2 weeks leave - which was a bit of a shock!

However, my being back at work didn't last very long - I was sent home on sick leave after only a couple of days.

I twisted my knee last weekend. hurt like the blazes - but was slowly improving - until I returned to work. Now its braced and I have been to the doctors and need rest and nurofen. To add a little icing to the whole business I have also picked up a nasty chest cold. So I am downright miserable....The doggies, however, are very impressed. Temp has been -7 to 16 and they don't mind a bit of warm snuggling and hours spent watching Miss Marple DVDs during the day!

How did I hurt my knee, I hear you ask.

It wasn't anything exciting or athletic. I had spent some hours on my feet in the kitchen - making hamburger patties and a generous quantity of gooey chocolate cupcakes for the car club function that we were organising. When I went to rest the poor old bod following this task , I sat down and heard (and felt) my knee go 'pop'... and it was really rather painful.

Saturday May 8th was the Car Club craft and hobby night. Here are some photos of the night, with thanks to Bronywn for sharing her photos as my camera battery died. You will notice some of my quilts on display.

Above: These are mine.

Above: Lots of other quilts, not just mine!

Above: All the boys seem to love their car collections.
(I won't state the obvious)

Above are Bron's dolls with their blue ribbons!

The above are Arthur's model cars - he has actually
owned the big versions of all these cars at during his life!

Above: some lovely home made bears

Above: Graham's F1 Car collection

Above: Graham being a masterchef - I made enough food for twice as many people!!

Sunday May 9th was mothers day. Andrew took Graham and I out for a lovely brunch and then bought me a red hat! Sean and Emmy sent these lovely flowers.

I'll have to get a photo of me wearing the hat!

Until next time ....... Kim

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