Monday, February 10, 2014

At last… Moved In!


Above: You will all get very sick of photos taken from our back deck!  But its the big positive point of the house. I’m currently looking at the view from the study window and its completely different from the one above (which was taken about 6.30am). It constantly changes due to the time of day and the cloud cover.


Yes,,, its been busy..

Our second house move in six months.

We are across town again…  and I’m not moving again for 30 years... (I hope)

Although Sean is threatening that for the  next move it will be Autumn Lodge  … (Which is the local retirement village)


We are really happy with the house, although there is a lot more work to do than we thought and hoped.


We found that we had really poor TV reception…. No ABC! (We think due to the new enormous house next door). So the aerial man has installed a new aerial at the other end of the house.


The paintwork is extremely worn with lots of mis-coloured patches… sigh… we will need to paint at some point soon. At least I get to pick a nice colour and get rid of the cream.

( I have picked Dulux ‘Handmade Linen’ another neutral, but I hope with some more warmth and character).


Then, the bedroom is so light at night with these vertical drapes that one wakes up at 3.00am and thinks its 6.00am! It also faces west so gets the really hot sun.

So having new curtains in the master has become a priority!




What do you think???…

I’ll think I’ll go for floaty sheers with a good quality  block-out curtain behind, and I’m sure I’ve found a wonderful new curtain lady who understands my taste! ………….

THE GARDEN! Well there is only one plant! Poor little cycad thing! (Although Graham did discover some mystery bulbs the other day,,,, we will wait and see what they are…)

The backyard is so,ooo dry that there are cracks that you could loose an Alfie in!


Once the weather improves we will start on the front garden because at the moment the poor house looks so unloved and neglected. (WE NEED RAIN!)

BUT, on a positive note I’m really looking forward to putting in my style of garden and planning it from scratch!


And,, I’m also looking forward to getting stuck into a Kitchen renovation.. I’ve kept some money aside from the house sale to sort that out.

The last people had no taste… well, to be fair, they didn’t have my taste. (Which I think is reasonably okay!…sometimes) The kitchen layout is great  but the cupboard doors and bench tops are yuk!

I’ll keep the 3 year old carcasses and change the rest, the oven is filthy and worn, and only 3 years old!

A lot of this house is dirty and worn… But.. its only 3 years old!

So, it will be a bit of a challenge. But in a few years we will have a lovely house, (and remember Kim), we got this house at a very fair price for the area. So we still have a little  $ left over to spend on it.


Oh, and you may also notice that I’ve updated my blog template! Woo Hoo!

Isn't it pretty!!  – so simple and modern. I love it!!

But.. Like….  Didn’t have enough to do with moving house and ‘everythink’…

This time I actually paid for this look, I got it on ESTY, great site if you like handmade stuff…

scan of post it 001

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