Monday, December 19, 2016

Its Christmas ! - with the car club


Car Club Christmas

Above is Graham and I looking very festive!

This year the ‘Classic and Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW’ Christmas party was upstairs at the bowling club.

Graham did his usual duty as president and presented the awards.

Car Club Christmas 3

We also played games….

Below is Gary and I knocking down bottles of water with an orange that was hanging in the leg of a pantyhose that was tied around the waist… We also did the making a snowman by wrapping a victim in toilet paper game… our team were hopeless at everything!

Car Club Christmas 2


Then the next week it was the Christmas BBQ at Dumaresq Dam.

Santa visited all the kids, and some of the big kids too.


“Please Santa can I have a new/second hand Ford Focus for Christmas?”

“Ho Ho Ho, have you been a good boy Graham”?


Big crowd this year.

It was bizarrely freezing after all the warm weather, lots of people had to resort to wearing their car rugs to keep warm!


Here’s the club BBQ again, its all self contained in a trailer, easy to move about.

More Christmas stories yet to come!!!

scan of post it 001


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