Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas–At Home



Merry Christmas everyone!

2016 Christmas Day was spent

at Paul & Mel’s with Grahams family.

Tom and Merel are here from Brussels. (and I finally got to give them the quilt that I have been making for years – post to follow)!


Mel went to lots of effort, with lots and lots of food!


We had the boxing Day ‘Cheese Board’ at our place. Georgie got to dress up in her Christmas collar!

And, Lizzy decided she loves kids…….


…and food!


I’ve run out of space for the Christmas village, its totally out of control!

This year I’ve added, a tearoom, some clowns to the carnival, and a group of dogs dressed in Christmas costumes…. Smile who’s going to dispose of this junk when I’m gone?




Apart from the village additions, I controlled the rest of my urges and bought no further Christmas decorations this year! The house is FULL.

I don’t think the decorations will come out next year as we are planning to spend Christmas in London… But our planning is in the early days, might not come off yet!



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