Monday, October 24, 2011

MSC OPERA – The Romanovs and the Crimea

This morning we berthed at Yalta in the Ukraine with is on the Crimean Peninsula and on the edge of the Black Sea.

Map picture

The black sea is more of a green colour, although apparently it  was called ‘black’ by the invading Turks for two reasons.

First that it was evil and the second was that the Turkish use colours for directions and black equals north. (and red is south I think).

Anyway today we took a bus tour around Yalta to see the town and visit two of the old palaces.


We visited the Palace of Alexander III, Tsar of Russia, although he never stayed there as he died before it was finished.

It is now home to 30 happy and friendly stray cats, although they are not all inside.


Then we visited Livadia Palace also known as  the White Palace.

This was used by the last Tsar, Nicolas,  and his family for holidays.

Nicolas was the one who was murdered with his family, the youngest child being Anastasia.


The White Palace is also famous for being the place of the Yalta Conference during WW2.

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill (and others) met here to decide how Europe would be managed when the war ended.


I bought a babushka doll, much cheaper than the ones I was tempted by in Prague.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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