Friday, October 21, 2011

MSC OPERA–In the middle of the deep blue sea


We are sitting on deck chairs on the top deck of the ship.

Lots of people about, swimming or lying in the sun.

The entertainment crew have been teaching people to dance, jump through hoops and other silly activities!


The sky is blue and the sea is a deep sapphire blue.

Today we are at sea and are arriving in Greece tomorrow morning.

(That is if its ‘open’ and they are not still on strike!)


(from the ships daily programme)

Sailing early in the morning in the Ionian Sea at approximately 12:00pm

we will pass  Keffallania and then Zakinthos islands,

which will both be visible from the port side. With Southeast courses at

approx. 8pm we will be south of Peloponnesus Peninsula

altering course to east bound to the Aegean Sea.

Passing the narrow Steno Elafonisou channel we will alter course

to north crossing the southwest part of the Aegean Sea bound to port of Piraeus the port of Athens, Greece.

Tonight is dinner with the captain, so we need to get dolled up and Graham can get out his new jacket.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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