Thursday, October 27, 2011

MSC OPERA– Experiencing turbulence

Another day at sea as we travel back towards Greece on the return leg of the journey.


The weather has turned choppy, although this ship must have good stabilisers as it doesn’t feels too rough.

But, we know when its rough at night by the light in the wardrobe.

Its on a sensor so it turns on automatically when you open the wardrobe door,

But when the ship rolls toward port it flicks on and off when it rolls back to starboard!

*click… click*

The ship had a few problems this morning, when ALL the toilets stopped working!

But they fixed the problem within the hour.


I wonder what signal Graham is trying to send here?

(S.O.S. = soak our smalls)


There was a great show tonight.

They have shows every night, some good, some ordinary.

Tonight they had an act, which I guess would be described as quick change artists.

The girl could change a complete dress in less than 3 seconds!

They’d dance around he’d pull up a screen, she'd go ‘wiggle wiggle’, and hey presto new sparkly gown!

I’m sure this involved a lot of Velcro and other tricks. 

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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