Monday, October 17, 2011

VENICE – ITALY– Buses and ferries

We travelled back into Venice today.

We now need to catch a bus from where we are staying. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the Bus station.


ABOVE: A photo of Graham smiling as requested by his Mum….

We bought a 36 hour travel passes, which cost 23 euro each.

But as its 6 euro for a one way trip on the ferry we thought this was good value.

So we spent the day catching Ferries around. It takes about another 1/2 hour by ferry to get to St Marks Square.

We had a look in St Marks Basilica, the tiled floors are spectacular.

It was too busy to get in there before, but its quieter today in Venice.


We visited the Doges Palace. The Doge was the ruler of Venice a bit like a president because he was voted for by a council. As they ruled for life they tended to only vote in elderly men, one Doge only lasted one day before dying.

Venice use to be a huge super power in the days before Italy was a united country.

Looking at old paintings of St Marks square it has changed very little over hundreds of years.

We walked over the Bridge of Sighs which is a covered bridge with windows that connects the Doges Palace with the New Prison next door. It is called the Bridge of Sighs as prisoners would be taken to the Palace to be sentenced and on their return to the prison they would have a last glimpse of freedom from the windows on the bridge. ‘Sigh..’Or so the story goes!



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