Sunday, October 9, 2011

ROME – ITALY – Day trip to Pompeii and Naples

We have had a lovely day.

15 of the group took the side trip, at optional extra cost, to Pompeii, a 3 hour drive from Rome.

It was nice to have the smaller group.


Pompeii was really interesting, that volcano is only dormant and could spurt off again at any time.

This city was devastated by Mount Vesuvius, back in the year 79A.D.

Because it was covered with ash rather than lava it remained preserved.


It is big, about 60 hectares, and contains shops, houses, markets, arenas and temples.

And there are some very rude frescos in one of the ancient brothels.

Reminded me of one of those restaurants where you pick your meal from the picture on the menu – “I’ll have that one”.

(I didn’t take photos of them – sorry, but I’m sure you can find them online somewhere)


With the bodies buried under the ash they poured plaster in them so there are plaster effigies of some of those that died.

Although just before we left the wind whipped up and there was a huge dust storm, so I think we have swallowed a large amount of volcanic ash. We certainly had it in our eyes, and hair and cameras.

We then stopped at nearby Naples.

A very poor place with 40% unemployment and rubbish and shanty towns like a 3rd world country.


But we also learnt a lot about how Italian Drivers think.

a/ Red lights are not compulsory


b/ a pedestrian crossing is just a suggestion.


Coming back to Rome was a long haul, traffic and an accident caused us to be 90 minutes late back for the group dinner tonight.

and of cause we got a round of applause on our late entrance. (Filthy with dust and tired).

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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