Sunday, October 30, 2011

MARCO POLO AIRPORT–VENICE–ITALY – We need a nice cup of tea

Here are the last photos from the cruise, taken yesterday.

I have been able to cross another thing off my list ..

I have always wanted to see the sunset over the ocean.


However there is a story behind this sunset.

We were sailing along about a couple of hours after leaving Dubrovnik when the boat suddenly braked.

(Well, it went judder, judder, judder, as it went into reverse gear to stop quickly).

Then we drifted around for the next couple of hours.

(I was bust trying to repack my suitcase, so we weren’t paying too much attention).

Our neighbours told us they thought it was a lifeboat drill.


We floated into the perfect position to take these  pics of the sunset.

We found out later that we had stopped as the crew had spotted a mans body in the sea and were waiting for the water police!


Above: These are the people that have shared our table for the last 10 days, David and Marie from Florida.

Photo taken by our waiter, Edhi, from Indonesia.

We disembarked the ship this morning at Venice.

It was up to the usual standards of Italian organisation.

Total chaos…..

We enjoyed the cruise but we were disappointed at the food on board which was bland and boring.

This was the general consensus amongst all the guest we spoke to.

For example, the Italians cannot cook bacon.

They scramble the eggs and they scramble the bacon.

They must put it in a frypan and cook it as you do a stir-fry because it is shredded and burnt on the edges and uncooked in the middle.

On the ship it also congealed into big lumps the size of a fist,,, yucky.

Also Italians do not have very hot water for their coffee.

Therefore they cannot understand the concept of boiling water for a cup of tea.

So the tea doesn’t draw in tepid water and is horrible…

We are staying at a nice place near the airport and fly back to London tomorrow.

We are pleased that Qantas has sorted out their mess.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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