Friday, September 2, 2011

SOUTH KENSINGTON – LONDON – Birthday Boys choice

Its Dads birthday, (73rd) so we let him choose the itinerary for today.
So we started the day with a ferry ride on the Thames to Greenwich.
Here is 0 degrees longitude, they are my feet again! Last time I was here, 9 years ago, this line was a awful flashing disco laser light which was bizarre. They seem to be taking themselves more seriously now!
IMG_0903At the Greenwich observatory, on the 0 degrees line, (everyone has a handbag)…
Also, they have display on the invention of clocks and time as we know it, including the first clock. (the picture below is the 4th).


This is the uniform that Nelson was wearing when shot and killed during the battle of Trafalgar.
It is behind glass and that is his portrait on the wall behind reflecting like a ghost on the sleeve.
Then this evening we all went out for a special Birthday dinner.
After wandering around looking at all the crowded Friday night restaurants we found a very posh little place which was down at basement level. It was also empty apart from us! Which as a shame because although the food was pricey and small in serves it was beautiful and delicious! They even brought out a surprise birthday cupcake with a candle.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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