Saturday, September 17, 2011

DUBLIN–IRELAND – Our last day on the Emerald Isle

We drove back into Dublin for our last night before we head back to England.

We stopped on the way at the National Horse Racing Stud and Japanese garden.

They have some very special and expensive horses at the stud, which was recently visited by the Queen.


Above: Its not a dead horse, its sunbaking!

This is the home of Vintage Crop – the first international horse to win the Melbourne Cup in 1993.

However he wouldn’t come over to the fence and talk to us .. the snob!

However, other horses were happy to come over for a scratch (particularly, Tilly, Crunchie and Flying Flag)

All the horseys have their own special bedrooms, and one is insured 60 million euro.

He ‘entertains’ the lady horses for 600 thousand euro a pop.

(bit more than a pop at that price!! *snort*)

At the Japanese garden we walked the path of enlightenment.

Maybe the enlightenment will kick in at the same time as the eloquence?


After a bit of confusion with trying to find the place (and pouring rain) we are at the Ibis Dublin tonight.

Dublin is really busy this weekend as there is a Gaelic football grand final tomorrow (Dublin city vs Co Kerry),

we were lucky to get a hotel room.

We will be up early tomorrow to get the ferry & train back to London.


Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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