Thursday, September 1, 2011

SOUTH KENSINGTON–LONDON– Moments in the city

I think we need tracking devices on all members of this tour party!
Because someone's going to wander off and get lost before too long.
I shall refrain from telling tales of my parents adventure on their morning walk or of Mum’s close encounter with Wellingtons tomb. This may embarrass them and get me into trouble! 

However I had my own moment when I was trying to poke at a butt bin thinking it was the traffic light crossing button… hummm.

Graham leads us around like the good tour guide he is – he needs a little flag so we can find him in the crowd.


Anyway, today we went to Covent Garden.
I bought a nice amber pendant and Mum shopped too,,,


Then we toured St Pauls Cathedral.
They have audio tours using ipods which was a new experience for us ipodly challenged and I wasted a lot of time just trying to work out how to use the blasted thing. Then it waffled on and gave out too much information.
We walked up the 257 steps to the whispering galley, and I really think this is when I damaged my right foot again.
(But we all have sore feet tonight)
Graham and I have been to St Pauls before, but things change. (especially the entry price).

Then we went off to the Museum of London

This is the Lord Mayors Coach

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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