Tuesday, September 20, 2011

IN TRANSIT – EUROSTAR - Worse things happen at sea…

We dropped Mum and Dad at Heathrow early this morning.
I hope they had good luck getting their seats on the trip home.
We raced off to catch the Eurostar,
BUT we got caught in London traffic and MISSED our train…

In hindsight,
we should have left earlier,
we should have gone a different way,
we should have taken the car back to somewhere else, etc, etc.
why didn’t the path of enlightenment help us….

I stressed out,,,  but only for about five minutes as there was nothing we could do about it,
I relaxed once we had decided we had really missed it and stopped rushing.
Our, train left at 10:57 and we were in the ticket office at 11:16.
Too late to exchange tickets so we had to repurchase them.
So our nice first class seats went off to Brussels empty and we are here in the next train
(the 12:57) in second class seats, and paid double too  -  Poo.
We haven’t missed anything for a long time – oh well the adventures of travel.

the train broke down

At Ashford, before we had even got to the channel.
So another Eurostar heading into London stopped, they all got off and onto our original train, and we got onto theirs!
(Can you imagine the chaos, people, luggage), because there was an electrical problem with the front engine but the one at the back was okay, or something technical like that.
Now in the tunnel, we will be much later than we expected into Brussels, but at least we have booked a hotel.
Something has to go right today.

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