Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DUBLIN–IRELAND – Across the Irish Sea

We had to repack the suitcases and left London in the morning.

We took a London cab to Euston Station, even had a real east-ender cab driver!

Then we had a 3 hour train trip up to Holyhead in Wales.

Then changed to an Irish Ferry for a further 3 hour trip to Dublin.

I went up onto the top deck of the boat to take some photos and nearly got blown off!

So, no photos.

But we were lucky as yesterday the seas were heavy, at least today they were only moderate…

Grey sea, grey sky and grey land!

Map picture

We are staying in the Temple Bar area of  Dublin which is sort of the pub, live music and nightclub district.

But we have a really nice hotel, and asked for a quiet room.

It has a nice view of the Hard Rock cafe next door!

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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