Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We took a morning train (ICE = Inter City Express = fast train) from Brussels to Cologne in Germany.

Then changed trains for one to Berlin.

Map picture

So It’s been another long day on a train, at least the ICE is a bit classy.

They even bring drinks and food to your seat like a plane (but you have to pay for this).

We are staying at the Ibis Ostbahnhof (East Railway station).

When booking accommodation – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Its a bit of a dilapidated area – Empty derelict buildings, lots of graffiti, however I guess its a thousand times better than it was while the wall was still standing. (Graffiti is everywhere in Berlin – They love it!)

The wall actually ran very close to where the hotel is, so the site of the hotel would have been in the West Berlin, the park and road we cross to get to the Ostbahnhof may have been, ‘no mans land’ and the station was in the East Berlin.


Here is the view from our hotel window – a bit different from the view in Windsor.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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