Sunday, September 25, 2011

PRAGUE – CZECH REPUBLIC– Classical destinations

Today, I band-aid-ed up my foot (or rather Graham did it for me) and we are off again on a 6 hour Ultimate Tour of Prague.

This tour consists of a walking tour of the old town a boat ride, a traditional lunch and a Tram ride up to Prague Castle.

But first we investigated transport options and found we are a under 10 minute easy walk to 2 different metro stations.

The metro is cheap and easy to negotiate as there are only 3 lines and we only need to go one or two stations.

The Metro closest to us has the tallest and longest escalator I have ever seen! and we have been to many tube and metro stations in our travels.


It feels like its 500m long and I had to take a photo (you wouldn’t want to faint on this ride as you would die).

Anyway back to our tour…

we started in Wenceslas square,


then we toured the old town and the wonderful Astrological clock 



Above: figures on the astronomical clock.

Wise man 1 “ I think its that way”

Wise man 2 “wait until I check the guidebook – no that's Starbucks you are pointing to”

We then headed to the river for a cruise. They played some classical music as we floated down the river and I wanted Simon Callow from ‘Classical Destinations’ to magically appear to tell me all about the music of Prague.

It is such a beautiful city.


We then walked through the Jewish quarter (although there aren’t many Jews left since the war)

Had lunch – lots of dumplings.

Then we walked over the Charles Bridge which was packed with thousands of people and lots of tour groups.


Then we took a Tram up to the castle and looked at St Vitus Cathedral,



And took some beautiful pics of the city before heading back on the Metro.


Speaking as a OH&S rep - they need to do some risk assessments on their footpaths – so many holes and loose cobbles, not that I’ve fallen over – yet…

We also have met lots of Aussies, and typically someone who knows someone we know.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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