Saturday, August 20, 2011

YORK– Time Travellers

Feeling brighter today so we set off to explore the tourist sights of York.
 We took the open top bus to save my poor body from any further trauma!
Today we have travelled all the way from Roman times to the swinging 60’s.

York Minster

There has been an important building on the site of this cathedral since Roman times.
In the crypt there is a museum with the roman murals found during excavations.
Its also is a great piece of modern engineering,
as they have anchored the whole building on a bed of concrete and bolts to stop it falling down.

Jorvik Centre

Moving on from the Cathedral we visited the time of the Vikings
at the Jorvik Centre.
Back in the 1970’s they had an archaeological dig in York
and discovered a Viking village.
This is now preserved under glass so you can walk on top of it,
Then they put you in ’time capsules’ and you go on a little ride
through the village with animatronic people telling you all about it!
(That's not us, I pinched picture from google images!)

York Castle Museum

Lets move on a few generations
This is where the York Castle Museum begins.
This is a social history museum (folk museum)
so displays items from everyday life.
They have great displays of rooms from different eras
and even a whole Victorian street with shops.
The displays went all the way to the 1960’s.

Quilt Museum

See, got one back for all those car displays he takes me to!
Small but interesting display of both vintage and modern quilts.

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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