Thursday, August 18, 2011

WREST PARK - BEDFORDSHIRE – An English summers day

Today we went to the English Heritage property – Wrest park.

They purchased this property in 2006 and have a 20 year plan to restore the house and garden.


We got there early – and were able to wander around in peace for awhile ,, until the bus tours arrived!

The garden is really beautiful – lots of hidden garden rooms,

and wandering pathways.

Kim: “Do you know where we are going”

Graham: “Nope” while he holds the map

I can see a theme developing here,,,,,,


A cooler and drizzly morning, turned into heavy rain by lunch time.

My back and legs were aching by the time we left so I’ve been  hitting the nurofen.


We planned to drive north in the afternoon –

the M1 in the pouring rain, with lots of trucks and a Vauxhall Poxy is life threatening.

So we got off that and took the A roads up to Nottingham for overnight.

Mr Navman (the GPS)  keeps saying “please do a U turn when possible”

Will go to York tomorrow – we’ve had trouble getting a room in York…

Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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