Friday, August 12, 2011

TOOTING – LONDON – Its just not cricket!

Today is Saturday, we took the tube into Marble Arch to collect our first hire car of the trip.

(but more on the car later)


We then drove over to LORDS cricket ground to take the tour.

We thought we would add this hallowed turf to the collection of cricket grounds we have visited.

I have been to most of the Cricket grounds in Australia.

The WACA, the Gabba, the MCG and Adelaide oval.

(Note: Never been to the SCG!)

We had lunch in the Lords Tavern, which was very nice but a little pricey.


We saw THE Ashes in its little shrine and got to go up into the ‘pod' media centre.

(Yes, I got up the 5 flights of stairs without having a heart attack)

We couldn’t go into the Members Pavilion or change rooms as

there was a game on between, Middlesex and Northamptonshire.(Northance)

(We knew that before we went and decided to still go anyway).

The bonus was we got to watch some of the game and the acoustics of that ground are fantastic.

I can only imagine how atmospheric the ground must be during a test match.

…and, Graham bought his first souvenir T-shirt of the trip.



First car of the trip…

We collected a hire car today, we plan on having a few this trip.

We had booked a Ford Focus or similar, but what we got was a

Vauxhall Meriva.

We’ve hired lots of cars over the years and usually we just get in and drive it.

But, this one is bizarre.

It has some sort of weird button hand brake.

The passenger doors open the wrong way, it has a huge turning circle

and we couldn’t work out how to turn off the rear wiper!

The seats are so high that it feels like your in a little bus.


Graham has already christened it the ‘Poxy Car’ and we have

only had it for one afternoon.

We’ll take it tomorrow when we all go out and give Laurie and Kelly a laugh!



ABOVE: Parked across the road from Laurie & Kelly's House


Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim


  1. I did get to see a test match at Lords in 2002 with Martin and Sharon. Was england versus India. We got cheap tickets as it was the last day.
    Great to see the photos of the family. Also good to see the photos from the Pursey family though many I don't know who is who.
    Keep enjoying the holiday.

  2. Misteree is my generic username.
    It's me Paul if you haven't figured that out yet.