Thursday, August 25, 2011

IRONBRIDGE–A short visit to Wales and then we head south

Today we left Chester and took the short drive across the border into Wales.

Map picture

We went as for as Llandudno and had a walk on the pier.


The grass in Wales is so green it hurts your eyes!

and, they don’t use many vowels in their placenames, he, he,,, – most of which I can’t pronounce anyway.

We then travelled back into England.

Looked unsuccessfully for somewhere to stay in Telford (oh Yuck).

We ended up at nearby Ironbridge gorge.


Ironbridge was the birthplace of the industrial revolution 300 years ago.

It is named after the worlds first cast iron bridge that was built over the River Severn in 1779


We walked into a innocent looking pub looking for a room for the night.

The landlady showed us two rooms…


The first was the Pink Room (hot pink, Grahams face went green!)

We chose the calmer White Room!


They also had the Jade, Red and Blue rooms!


Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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