Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We decided to do a little backtracking before we head north.
Map picture
We want to go to Wrest Park and thought we may not get the chance on the way back.
So we decided to travel over to Bedfordshire and stop somewhere nearby.
We found this old pub in the village of Ampthill.
ABOVE: Thats our room right at the top above the sign..
I’ve had to leave my suitcase in the car as it would never have got
itself up the two flights of narrow stairs!
ABOVE: View of the village from our window
The room is crooked and the floor slopes so much
that it reminds me of  ‘Davey Jones Locker’ (a topsy turvey house)
that was at Luna park when I was a child…
ABOVE: 17th century wall painting from inside the pub
I have a backlog of posts to publish but we’ve been having
trouble with our dongle. (Sounds painful)
During this first week the weather has been overcast but not wet,
Its lightly raining outside now and its predicted to rain tomorrow.
Trudging around outside in the rain,,, hummm..
Although it hasn’t been cold at all, (YET), 22-24 degrees
haven’t had to put a cardigan on… yet.
Until next time, Red heartRed heartRed heart Kim

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