Thursday, November 19, 2015

South Africa ~ Tuesday~ more tours of Cape Town


Cloudy and a bit drizzly today.  So we are back on the hop on hop off bus.

We have done these tours in numerous cities in the world, but Cape Town is really good value for money as they include lots of walking tours and extra discounts with their tickets.



We are glad we went up the mountain yesterday when it was clear and lovely as it has a cloud cover today.



History Walking Tour

We travelled into the city to join in a ‘free’ (you give a tip at the end so not totally free),  two hour walking tour of the historic areas of the city.

We started at Green Market Square (above) , which has hundreds of stalls and is very tourist orientated. You only have to stop for a moment to admire something when the stallholder pounces on you – “good morning we have the best prices” etc. etc.


Our tour guide was Willem, a Uni student, who must make a fair wage from these tours as I saw how much he got in tips at the end of the tour.


Do you know they have a piece of the Berlin wall in Cape Town? -  Given to Nelson Mandela.


We had a brief stop at St Georges Cathedral where Desmond Tutu still preaches once a month.


The tour also included some of the apartheid history. We stopped at the Justice court where they have re installed copies of the original benches for whites and non whites as a reminder of  segregation.

Above: -  I took this really sad photo of this man who could possibly be one of the many homeless that sleep rough in Cape Town. (Don’t judge Cape town on their homeless population, as we have noticed nearly as many sleeping on the streets of Sydney during our last few visits).


Then our second visit to the Company’s Gardens, the company being the Dutch East India company, as Cape Town was on the spice route and a huge trading port.

The Gardens are full of Squirrels which you can feed.


Harbour Tour

Then finally, a hop on boat! For a tour of the working harbour at the Cape Town Waterfront.





“Oh,  go away…


leave me alone,,,


I’ve got to get my sleep.. yawn”……



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